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Chapter 1327: Back To What I Used To Do

“What does it feel like to forget someone important?” Jing Xi asked.

“I don’t really feel anything. It’s just that something is gone from my memory, but I don’t get troubled by it. In fact, I think that it’s a good thing.”

Losing her memories did not affect Huo Sanyan much.

But Jing Xi had a different opinion. Even though Huo Sanyan might not be affected by it, it was a nightmare to the people who loved her.

Jing Xi could not even imagine how hurt Ye Xun was.

“Oh, right, I’m going to start working in a few days.”


“Celebrity Times. I’m going back to what I used to do.”

Huo Sanyan wanted to do something because she was bored. She had already passed the Celebrity Times’ interview and would start working the next Monday.

“Ye Xun’s okay with it?”

“Why do I need his approval?” Huo Sanyan scolded. “Do you even know how bossy he is? It’s my first time meeting a person like that! What’s wrong with me going to work? It’s not like I’m going to stay at home and take care of babies!”

“Wait… Are you pregnant?”

“No, no, no,” Huo Sanyan quickly shook her head, realizing that she had said the wrong thing. “There’s no way I’m going to get pregnant with his child!”

“To tell you the truth, Ye Xun is a completely different person now. Maybe you should give him a chance, no?”

“Can we stop talking about him? We’re here.”

Huo Sanyan parked in front of the Yunjing Manor and let Jing Xi out.

“Are you not coming in?” Jing Xi asked after getting down from the car.

“No, I still have something to do. I’ll come when I have the time,” Huo Sanyan said.

“Okay. Be careful then.”

After Huo Sanyan left, Jing Xi went into the manor and put her bag down.

“I’m back!” Jing Xi shouted as she went upstairs.

But when she pushed the door open, there was no one lying on the bed.

Realizing that Huo Yunshen might’ve woken up, Jing Xi couldn’t hide her joy. She had been preparing for the worst, but Huo Yunshen had woken up earlier than she’d expected.

She looked through the whole mansion searching for Huo Yunshen but couldn’t find him.

She even asked the servants, and none of them had noticed him leaving.

Just as Jing Xi was about to check the CCTV, the servant noticed a familiar person walking in the garden.

“Ma’am, isn’t that…?” the servant said, pointing outside the window.

Jing Xi looked towards the garden and saw Huo Yunshen taking a stroll in the garden.


Tears began to fill Jing Xi’s eyes. Without giving any care, Jing Xi jogged to the garden.

When Huo Yunshen heard someone calling him, he raised his head and saw his wife running towards him.

“Hey! Slow down!”

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