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Chapter 1319: The Result of Their DNA Testing

Yu Xiyan was told about how Mo Yutian was stabbed in order to save Huo Yunshen, and how Huo Yunshen was hit by the pillar when saving Mo Yutian.

She would have never believed that Huo Yunshen and Mo Yutian might be biological brothers.

How could they be?

On the third day after Huo Yunshen went into a coma, Helian Qingyu brought the result of their DNA testing to Xu Xiyan.

She read it through and was stunned.

How could this be true!?

It is unbelievable!

Huo Yunshen and Mo Yutian were indeed biological brothers. Moreover, they were twins.

She could not believe it!

Xu Xiyan kept asking Helian Qingyu, “How could this be possible? How?”

“Even if you find it hard to believe, the fact is the fact. We heard it from Mo Xie. No one would have found it out if he did not tell the truth. Bro and Mo Yutian are both descendants of the Dragon Kingdom. But they were taken on different paths after they were born.”

With Helian Qingyu’s explanation, Xu Xiyan felt that her world seemed to be fictional. Her husband was an orphaned prince of the Dragon Kingdom!

So he had already known when he took her to the border last time. But he did not tell.

What had he been through?

The Huo family that had brought him up were all killed. Then he was told the truth of his identity, and had to take the responsibility to seek revenge and rebuild the kingdom.

Now the revenge was made. Yet he was told right before he tried to kill Mo Yutian that he was his own brother.

She could barely imagine how biting and painful it was when he heard this.

Xu Xiyan felt so sad for her husband. Helian Qingyu tried to comfort her. “Jing Xi, you have to stay strong. He needs you. And your children need you.”

“I know… I’ll wait for him to come back.”

There was nothing she could do now but to wait.

Once he was out of danger, Huo Yunshen was transferred to a special unit. Xu Xiyan’s grandfather, her uncle and parents all came to visit.

It had been seven days but Huo Yunshen showed no signs of waking up. Xu Xiyan was desperate. She kept asking, but the doctor told her that, because Huo Yunshen was injured in the brain, he could only press on his luck for now.

Huo Sanyan and Ye Xun all came to comfort her. Xu Xiyan had not shed a single tear since she heard the doctor’s words.

She had no doubt that Huo Yunshen would wake up. He definitely will!

“Jing Xi, go home and take some rest. Let me take care of him!”

Seeing that she had been staying in the hospital for three whole days, Huo Sanyan worried that she would exhaust herself.

“No worries. I have to stay here. I want to be the first one he sees once he is awake!”

Xu Xiyan was not exhausted at all. She could only feel at ease when staying by his side.

She had to be with him. Otherwise, he might feel lonely.

“They said that Mo Yutian is awake. Do you want to check on him?” Huo Sanyan asked.

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