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Chapter 1337: Changed Opinions

Jun Yan walked into the meeting room under eyes that were filled with suspicion and curiosity. He walked up to the stage and saluted the President before addressing the crowd.

Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi sat in the spectator seats on the second floor to witness Jun Yan’s ceremony.

Jun Yan stood in front of everyone and gave the most important speech of his life. The crowd remained silent after he had concluded his speech.

Jing Xi was the first to applaud for Jun Yan, and others followed.

But the remarks from the senators made it clear that they couldn’t trust Jun Yan.

Some even interrupted Jun Yan and asked, “Mr. Jun, how can you prove your capabilities since you’re not one of us?”

“That’s an excellent question,” Jun Yan replied. “It’s true that I’m not a part of Estan’s army and haven’t done anything for Estan yet, but I was the commander for JS1 and took part in more than 100 battles with the Dark Zone. I hope everyone can put their trust in me and give me a chance to prove my worth.”

Jun Yan’s words shocked the crowd.

Every person in the room knew about JS. They knew that JS was a group that fought for justice that had led most of the battles with Dark Zone. They were a vital part of taking down Lstan.

The people’s opinion about Jun Yan changed after learning that he was a commander in JS, and it boosted Jun Yan’s self-confidence.

It was Helian Qingyu’s words after that gave Jun Yan the support he needed.

“I know that most of you here don’t know who Jun Yan is, but I believe that you are familiar with his grandfather,” Helian Qingyu said. “Jun Yan is the grandson of Estan’s former General, Jun Che. Jun Che was by my grandfather’s side when he was the President, and now, I would like his grandson to be my right-hand man. I hope that all of you can give him a chance and let him show what he can accomplish.”

Most of the older senators changed their opinions almost immediately after learning of Jun Yan’s background.

The ceremony proceeded smoothly. Jun Yan left with Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi after it ended.

They ran into Ouyang Feifei at the Blue Palace. When Ouyang Feifei noticed that Jun Yan was with them, she ran to them excitedly.

“Brother Jun! Jing Xi! Mr. Huo! Hi!” Ouyang Feifei greeted.

Ouyang Feifei was at the palace with her father and did not expect to run into Jun Yan there.

“Feifei! What a coincidence!”

Jing Xi greeted back. Even though she was smiling on her face, she was actually a little worried. It was the first time Ouyang Feifei was meeting the real Jun Yan, and she was worried that Jun Yan might ignore her.

“Right? Should we get lunch together?” Ouyang Feifei asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry, but I have to go home with Yunshen. Why don’t you two go?” Jing Xi said and pulled Huo Yunshen back to their car.

Only Jun Yan and Ouyang Feifei were left at the gate. Ouyang Feifei kept staring at Jun Yan and couldn’t help but notice how

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