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Chapter 1441: A Farce

She asked it so straight forward. However, he did not have an answer.

He had never liked anyone, not to mention love, because he had no idea what love felt like.

Being asked why he had taken her away, he felt confused too.

He did not know how to answer!

Ouyang Feifei waited with hope. But the longer she waited, the more heartbroken and disappointed she got.

The man next to her seemed like an ice statue, not giving any response.

But his lack of response was probably the clearest answer!

Ouyang Feifei felt overwhelmingly painful and burst into tears. She wanted to leave here right away and cry over it with no one else’s presence.

She opened the door, held her broken heart and walked toward where they had come from.

Seeing her getting out crying, Jun Yan came back to himself and watched her sad figure stepping further and further away.

He got out of the car too. But standing there, he did not know what to do.

Should he go after her or let her go?


Jun Yan sighed and lowered his head while he pounded on the car. But when he raised his head again, he saw that Ouyang Feifei had suddenly stopped and fallen onto the ground.

Did she pass out?

Jun Yan felt a grip on his heart and darted over to her without any hesitation.

“Miss Ouyang! Miss Ouyang…”

Lifting up the unconscious girl, Jun Yan felt like his heart was breaking again.

But why?

He could not sit there watching her getting engaged to a ridiculous man.

He felt it too when she felt sad.

Seeing her passing out, he became heartbroken.

Was that because he had a crush on her?

The two engagement ceremonies were ruined by what Jun Yan had done.

It went onto the headline of every Estan newspaper.

During his engagement ceremony with Lin Xiangya, Jun Yan ran and took away Ouyang Feifei from her engagement ceremony with Mo Beichen. Were they doing a re-matching or was there a mistake?

People all wondered what had happened.

And Jun Yan had made an unforgettable debut in front of the Estan people.

The newly appointed Chief Commander had just made his first achievement: running away with the daughter of the State Secretary. How ridiculous!

The most outraged one was Mo Beichen. His bride was taken away and he was punched in the face. It was most humiliating.

He would never let him walk away from it, not even he was the Chief Commander. There would be payback, sooner or later!

Lin Xiangya was also hurt. Being rejected in public was truly unbearable.

When she heard that Jun Yan left her and took Ouyang Feifei away, she felt even more enraged.

How dare you, Ouyang Feifei!?

Jun Yan took Ouyang Feifei away. So there must have been something between them.

How could Ouyang Feifei keep it a secret from her!

She should have investigated him beforehand. If she knew he had other girlfriends, she would have never put herself into such an awkward

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