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Chapter 1449: What A Big Joke!

“I’m not doing anything ridiculous. You’ll be sent to court tomorrow. Behave yourself! It’s all your fault and you have to take the consequences. I’m leaving now!”

Lan Ling-Er would not help her mother to do any further evil. She wished she could be a normal person, a respectful person.

Seeing her daughter being so ruthless, Lan Qiwei scolded, “Indeed, you ungrateful girl! Don’t you want to know who your real father is? You are not Mo Xie’s daughter! Ling-Er!”

Lan Ling-Er had already reached the door. But she stopped and asked in surprise, “I’m not Mo Xie’s daughter? Then who is my father?”

“Help me get out of here. Then I’ll tell you the truth!”

Lan Qiwei thought the excuse she made could help her gain Lan Ling-Er’s help.

However, Lan Ling-Er said, “Mother, I cannot do that. If I helped you I would become a wanted criminal, just as you are. If you really cared for me you would have never done this. I don’t care who my real father is. Tell me or not, I don’t want to know. My father is dead.”

Lan Qiwei was choking with rage, “How could you…”

What could she do with her own daughter? Seeing her leaving, she had to call her to stop. “Wait, Ling-Er, let me tell you now…”

Coming out of the jail, Lan Ling-Er felt extremely upset, because she found what her mother had told her at last to be unbearable.

Helian Qingyu came to her and asked, “Lan Ling-Er, are you done with her?”

“Yes.” Lan Ling-Er nodded.

“Let’s get out. Did she tell you where Lady White Tea is?”

Helian Qingyu took her outside. He had asked her to help find out about Lady White Tea and wondered if she had gotten any clues.

Speaking of Lady White Tea, Lan Ling-Er told him, “My mother said she was here in the Northland previously. But she had no idea where she was now.”

Then Helian Qingyu stared into Lan Ling-Er’s eyes and said, “Lan Ling-Er, I had no idea you were my cousin.”

Lan Ling-Er: “…”

Of course she knew it. Ever since she heard that Yun Xuerou was Lady White Tea, she realized that she and Helian Qingyu were cousins.

But she just could not stop loving him.

Helian Qingyu continued, “Don’t you know cousins cannot marry each other? Now I know we are cousins. So we can never get married. I hope you can understand.”

Lan Ling-Er burst into tears. She was really heartbroken.

There were many things that she could not change, and being Helian Qingyu’s cousin was one of them.

That being said, she would never be able to marry Helian Qingyu.

Helian Qingyu handed her some tissue and comforted her. “Ling-Er, stop crying. Although I cannot marry you, I do wish the best for you and you will definitely find your Mr. Right. I’ll treat you as my own sister from now on.”

Lan Ling-Er lowered her head and shed more tears. But she had to face it.

A boyfriend turning into a cousin…what a big joke!

Helian Qingyu knew that she understood. It was best this way. Now that hi

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