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Chapter 1433: How I Wish I Could Kiss Him

“Uncle Prince has left!”

“That’s good.” Tang Feimo had barely gotten relieved before Ying Bao added, “But he is staying in my grandpa’s. I can still visit him. Mommy took me there earlier today!”

Tang Feimo was speechless.

He was feeling good to know that the boy was finally gone. But Ying Bao bombarded him with such bad news again.

Ah… What should he do?

Whenever he thought about how far he was from Ying Bao while that boy was so close, he could not help feeling super annoyed!

“Cherry! Did you forget what I told you? You should not play with him anymore. You are a kid. You should only play with me!”

Tang Feimo found it necessary to remind his little wife from time to time.

“I see, I see!” Ying Bao nodded.

Right then, Jing Xi showed up on the screen. She said, “Hi, Feimo!”

“Hello, Auntie Jing!”

“Are you having breakfast? Is your mother there?”


“Can I talk to her?”

“OK.” Tang Feimo handed the pad to her mother. “Mom, Auntie Jing wants to talk to you.”

Liang Lan took the pad and greeted Jing Xi. Jing Xi asked, “Sister, Tang told us you were not feeling well last time…how is it now?”

“Just so so. The doctor had no better options. He already talked to me when he came back last time. We are planning to go to Estan again and visit your grandfather soon.”

“That’s great! Do let me know beforehand. You can come during the vacation and bring Feimo here to stay for a while.”

“Yeah, sure. How have you been? Are you giving birth soon?”

“Almost there. It’s over seven months, almost eight months now.”

“Awesome! You will have a family of five soon!”

They only chatted for a short while and the pad was taken over by the two kids again.

Tang Feimo was very excited and called, “Cherry, did you hear that? My mom said they will take me to Estan again. We can meet again then!”

“Great! I’ll wait for you!”

They chatted for a little while longer and had to stop when Tang Feimo left for school.

Then Jing Xi called Fang Xiaocheng. She picked up quickly.

It seemed that Fang Xiaocheng had put on some weight since they’d left.

She had lost quite some weight when Dazhi died. Now she was finally putting some on.

So it seemed that Yi Xiao had been taking good care of her and the baby.

“Hi, say hello to your Auntie Orange!”

“Auntie Orange, how are you? I miss you so much!”

“Cherry, my sweetheart! Auntie misses you too! When are you coming back to Estan to see your little brother here?”

Ying Bao searched on the screen and asked, “Auntie Orange, can you show me my baby brother right now? I can’t wait to see him!”

“Sure, let me show you.”

Fang Xiaocheng faced the camera toward the crib. They saw the little Yi Bei playing happily with his own chubby hands.

“Wow, so adorable! How I wish I could kiss him!”

Ying Bao found the baby extremely cute and kissed him on the screen.

Little Yi Be

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