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Chapter 1454: Results of Consultation

Gu Yici came out from the conference room and told the details to the couple.

“The most important thing we need to do right now is to find him matching marrow. We should start with his relatives.”

Jing Xi nodded in understanding.

Gu Yici suggested that Huo Yunshen stay in the hospital, but Huo Yunshen rejected this idea.

“Can I not stay here now? I’ll wait until we find my donor,” Huo Yunshen requested.

He still had a lot of things to do. If he were to stay in the hospital, he would become worried.

Jing Xi understood that Huo Yunshen was busy, but there was no way she could let him drag it out.

“Just stay here and let your people take care of your business!” Jing Xi scolded.

“But I have an appointment with my mentor today. Can I at least postpone until I come back from the border?”


Seeing that the couple couldn’t agree with each other, Gu Yici settled it for them.

“You can go back after you leave a blood sample. I’ll prepare your room for you now.”

“Thank you,” Huo Yunshen said.

Huo Yunshen had his blood taken, and they went back to Yunjing Manor. Since Jing Xi would not let Huo Yunshen drive, they left it to Mo An.

Jing Xi got out of the car after they reached the Yunjing Manor.

“Be careful, okay?” Jing Xi said as she rested her arm on the window.

“I will.”

“Mo An, don’t drive too fast,” Jing Xi said.

“I won’t, ma’am.”

After seeing Jing Xi off, Mo An drove Huo Yunshen to the border.

Jing Xi went into the manor to look for Su Wanqin so that she could tell her Huo Yunshen’s condition. But no matter how hard she looked, she couldn’t find Su Wanqin.

Jing Xi guessed that Su Wanqin had gone to visit Mo Yutian.

It was actually a good thing for Jing Xi since she needed to look for a donor for Huo Yunshen among his relatives.

Jing Xi went to look for them. Su Wanqin was indeed at Mo Yutian’s apartment just as Jing Xi had guessed.

Mo Yutian was still the same, playing with toys like a little kid.

Jing Xi knocked on the open door and Su Wanqin raised her head.

“Jing Xi? Come on in,” Su Wanqin greeted.

Jing Xi sat down next to Su Wanqin and glanced at Mo Yutian.

“What brings you here?” Su Wanqin asked.

Su Wanqin had learned about what had happened between both of her sons and Jing Xi and knew that Jing Xi hated Mo Yutian.

She would not have visited Mo Yutian’s apartment if she didn’t need something.

“Mom, I have something to ask from both of you,” Jing Xi said, calling Su Wanqin Mom for the first time.

“What’s going on? Tell me.”

Su Wanqin could feel that something was wrong and became anxious.

“Do you still remember when Yunshen tried to save Long Xiao back in Lstan? He got hit in his head. Even though he was saved, it caused a huge clot to form in his brain…”

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