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Chapter 1470: A Heartwarming Scene

Jing Xi came to Ying Bao’s room and realized the lights were on after she pushed the door open. Toys and pillows were scattered all around the room.

It was evident that the kids had been up playing all night.

Since Jing Xi could not pick the toys up, she decided to leave it for the cleaning maids after that.

The kids slept opposite each other, and they were sleeping soundly.

It was a very heartwarming scene. Jing Xi hoped that the kids could maintain the same relationship they had after they grew up.

She decided to let them sleep longer and did not wake them up.

She put their sheets over their bodies and left the room quietly.

Tang Yitan and Liang Lan came to the manor after breakfast.

Ying Bao and Tang Feimo had already woken up and were playing in the garden after their breakfasts.

“What are we playing today?” Ying Bao asked.

“What do you want to play?” Tang Feimo replied with a question.

“Let’s go somewhere else. I want to go to the beach!”


“I’ll go tell my daddy.”

Ying Bao quickly ran back into the manor.

Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi were talking with Tang Feimo’s parents when Ying Bao ran up to them.

“Daddy! Can we go to the beach today?”

“The beach?”

“Yes! Brother Feimo wants to go too!”

Thinking that the kids might have gotten bored from playing in the garden the day before, Huo Yunshen nodded.

“Of course. I’ll go arrange it.”

“Yay!” Ying Bao clapped her hands and ran back to the garden.

After discussing with the remaining adults, they decided to go to Likee, a city in the south of Estan.

Likee was the city where Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen shot their music video, and it was also where Huo Yunshen got into a troubled situation with Helian Qingyu.

They drove for two hours and reached Likee.

There were a lot of pretty spots in Likee and a bigger beach than the one at Ye Xun’s house.

There was also a huge theme park by the beach, and that was their destination.

While the two men accompanied the kids to the theme park, Jing Xi and Liang Lan decided to pay a visit to the nearest market.

Huo Yunshen arranged a few guards to accompany them.

There were a lot of things in the market, including traditional arts and crafts.

Jing Xi was there looking for inspiration for her graduation project, which needed her to submit a design.

Jing Xi found a shop that sold jewelry and decided to check it out.

“Let’s go there,” Jing Xi said as she pointed at the shop.


They walked into the shop, and Jing Xi was too immersed in the pieces of jewelry that were on displayed. She didn’t notice that someone was standing in front of her and she bumped into the person.

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