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Chapter 1438: Did The Bride Just Get Kidnapped?

There was no way Jun Yan would let a player like Mo Beichen marry Ouyang Feifei.

He suddenly thought of Ouyang Feifei’s pretty face, the way she cried, and the words that she told him.

Jun Yan’s mind was in chaos, as he had no idea what was happening to him.

A feeling of not wanting Ouyang Feifei to suffer appeared inside of him, and he was being absorbed into it.

The door to the resting room opened, and Mo Beichen was the first to walk out, followed by Ouyang Feifei.

Ouyang Feifei did not even look at Jun Yan and walked past him.

He stared at Ouyang Feifei’s lonely figure, and pain could be felt in his heart.

“Jun Yan. It’s time. Let’s go,” Lin Xiangya said when she found him.

She pulled his arm and dragged him back to the wedding.

Jun Yan sighed as he had to accept his fate, and so did Ouyang Feifei. They were both chess pieces in a game of fate.

The guests who attended Ouyang Feifei and Mo Beichen’s wedding were people of higher stature.

The wedding proceeded smoothly until the host announced, “Mr. Mo, please exchange your ring.”

Mo Beichen took the ring out but noticed Ouyang Feifei did not reach her hand out.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to embarrass me?” Mo Beichen asked in a low voice.

Mo Beichen was a man full of pride, and he absolutely would not allow anything to happen during the wedding.

Ouyang Feifei did not say anything, but he could feel that Mo Beichen was warning her with his stare.

Mo Beichen did not wait for Ouyang Feifei to answer and pulled her hand up, trying to force the ring onto her finger.

But before he could do so, the door was kicked open.

The sound was so loud that everyone turned to look at the door, even Mo Beichen and Ouyang Feifei.

Jun Yan walked through the door and paced slowly towards Mo Beichen.

Ouyang Feifei could not believe what she was seeing.

She had a lot of questions, like why Jun Yan was there when he should be at his own wedding.

The guests were talking amongst themselves, not knowing what was happening. But when Jing Xi realized it was Jun Yan, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Jun Yan walked straight towards the to-be wedded couple and pulled Ouyang Feifei’s hand away from Mo Beichen. Without letting go of Ouyang Feifei, Jun Yan turned and walked towards to door.

Mo Beichen was still stunned by what had happened as his hand with the ring in it was still in the air. Before he could even realize it, someone had come to kidnap his fiancé.

And it was a massive humiliation to him.

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