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Chapter 1456: Terrified

“Okay, be careful,” Su Wanqin said.

“I will.”

Jing Xi waited outside the pre-school for 15 minutes until school was over.

When Ying Bao saw her mother waiting at the gate, she said goodbye to her teacher and ran towards Jing Xi.

“Mommy! Why are you here?” Ying Bao asked.

“To get you. Daddy and Uncle Treeleaf are both busy today,” Jing Xi explained.

“I see!” Ying Bao smiled and showed her mother her drawing. “Look! This is what I drew today!”

Jing Xi looked at the drawing and noticed Ying Bao had drawn her family and a lot of people surrounding them.

“Who are they?” Jing Xi asked.

“This is daddy, this is mommy, this is me, this is grandpa and grandma, great-grandpa, Brother Feimo, Uncle Prince…,” Ying Bao explained as she pointed at the people in the picture.

“So, everyone is in it?”

“Yup!” the little girl nodded.

“Okay!” Jing Xi laughed. “Come on, let’s go home.”

Jing Xi held Ying Bao’s hand, and they crossed the road. Suddenly a wind blew, blowing Ying Bao’s drawing away. Ying Bao struggled off her mother’s side and chased after it.

“My drawing…”

Ying Bao ran to the middle of the road, and Jing Xi noticed that a car was speeding towards the little girl.

“Ying Bao! Run!”

Ying Bao caught her drawing and heard her mother shouting at her. She raised her head and saw a car closing in.

Jing Xi ran towards Ying Bao, but the babies in her belly were slowing her down. Before she could even reach her daughter, the car had already hit the little girl.

Jing Xi saw someone rolling in the middle of the road, and she was terrified.

“Ying Bao!”

When Jing Xi caught up, she could see someone lying not far from the car.

“Ying Bao! Ying Bao!”

The driver also got out of the car and checked on the person.

“Are you okay?”

When the person turned around, people could see him holding a kid in his arms.

Jing Xi was completely shocked, as the person was Mo Yutian.

He was able to grab the little girl and save her just in time.

Ying Bao was completely unharmed, while Mo Yutian was injured.

Ying Bao climbed out from Mo Yutian’s arms with her drawing still in her hand. When she realized she was lying in Uncle Dragonbeard’s arms, she was utterly shocked.

“Ying Bao! Are you okay?”

Jing Xi picked her daughter up and hugged her tightly.

“I’m okay, but Uncle Dragonbeard…”

Ying Bao shook her head and looked at Mo Yutian.

Mo Yutian passed out for a few seconds from the impact. When he woke up, he realized his arm was bleeding.

“Sir, are you okay?” the driver asked, worried that he might’ve gravely injured someone.

But no matter how the driver asked, Mo Yutian gave him no response as if he did not understand the question.

There was no way he could. He had to pretend to be an idiot. Even though it hurt a lot, he still had to act like it didn’t matter to him.

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