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Chapter 1443: Hard To Wind Up

Jun Yan could finally see through his feelings. But what followed confused him again. “Xixi, what do you think I should do next?”

It was all his fault. He had made it hard to wind up now.

If only he could have recognized his feelings sooner, he wouldn’t have hurt Ouyang Feifei again and again when she said she loved him and tried her best.

Each time he recalled Ouyang Feifei asking if he loved her, he felt heartbroken.

Damn it!

How could he have said nothing back then? That must have been very hurtful.

If it was not for him being indifferent, Ouyang Feifei would not have passed out.

But there was no point regretting it now. Jun Yan had to figure things out and talk it over with Ouyang Feifei soon.

“I’m the most stupid. Thank you, Xixi. I think I know what I should do now.”

Jun Yan seemed to have made some decisions and found a solution.

“Good. Then go for it, Eldest Brother. Everything will be fine.”


They returned to the ward. But Ren Meixin refused to let Jun Yan visit Ouyang Feifei again.

“Jun Yan, I was indeed grateful that you saved my daughter several times before. But now, please, can you stay away from her and stop hurting her further?

“You know she suffers from heart disease. She needs a peaceful life. If you provoke her again I will never forgive you!”

If it was not for Jing Xi’s sake, Ren Meixin might have punched him for her daughter.

But instead, she tried hard to control her anger and stated it as nicely as she could, only wishing that he could get her point.

“I’m truly sorry, auntie. I know what I did earlier today was not appropriate. But I really could not let her get engaged to Mo Beichen…”

Jun Yan wanted to explain but Ren Meixin did not want to hear a thing.

“Enough. We don’t need you here. You’d better go home and take care of the mess there.”

Ren Meixin refused him and asked him to leave.

Jing Xi understood their feelings and had to take Jun Yan away. They could plan it out later.

Having said goodbye to Ren Meixin and her husband, Jing Xi left the hospital with Jun Yan.

Jun Yan was very upset. Whenever he closed his eyes he could see Ouyang Feifei’s tear-flooded face and her desperate look.

There was never any girl who had made him worry so much. Not even once.

He felt anxious and worried.

He could no longer pretend to be indifferent since he’d recognized his feeling for her.

The previously calm and sedate Jun Yan was nowhere to be found now. He was deeply troubled.

What could he do next?

He suddenly worried…what if Ouyang Feifei would never talk to him again?

On the following day, Jun Yan visited the Lin family to make his apology.

Then he bought a bouquet and headed for the hospital. But when he arrived he found that Ouyang Feifei was no longer there.

The nurses told him that her parents had already taken her away.

Jun Yan then went to the Guangm

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