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Chapter 1435: Reluctant To Stop

They got ready for a team fight and found some new faces on their team.

[Yiye Zhiqiu]: Who is this Qingyi Xiashi?

[Dongxie Xidu]: No idea. A newcomer?

[Gongzi Yaoye]: It’s so obvious. Can’t you see? It’s our invincible Mr. President!

[Dongxie Xidu]: Oh no! I’m panicking! Is the president on our team? OMG!

Mang Haodong could not believe that Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen even got the president of Estan on their team.

[Yiye Zhiqiu]: I thought so. But who is this Luoxue Fenfei?

[Gongzi Yaoye]: It’s Ouyang Feifei. She is new. Let’s take good care of her.

Jing Xi had just gotten Ouyang Feifei on the team. She ranked fairly high too, and had married in the game.

Ouyang Feifei greeted everyone and they all welcomed her.

Ye Xun tried to look at Ouyang Feifei’s profile and saw the name Sihuo Nianhua under her “Spouse” column. He burst into wild laughter.

Sihuo Nianhua was Jun Yan’s username!

How interesting!

They were not even getting engaged in the real world, but already a couple in the game. That was funny.

But Ye Xun chose not to tell them so that they would not feel awkward playing together.

Jun Yan was called into the game at the last minute. When he logged in he had already missed the introduction of Ouyang Feifei. He had no idea that Luoxue Fenfei was Ouyang Feifei.

They teamed up and started the game. Jun Yan went with his wife in the game, taking her to kill the monsters and fulfill their assignments.

They were perfect partners in the game. They chatted frequently but never mentioned any personal information.

Jun Yan talked more in the game, and was more patient. He seemed to be a kinder person in the virtual world.

He told her a lot and treated her as a true friend.

Ouyang Feifei’s character in the game was also very straightforward. She did not have many concerns and could simply be herself.

They had no idea about each other’s real identities. Otherwise they could never have played so well together.

After an hour or so, Huo Yunshen claimed that time was up and had his wife logged out.

Jing Xi’s pad was taken away. She felt reluctant to stop. “I wish we could play a little while longer. How brilliant we were just now!”

“It’s your bedtime now!”

Huo Yunshen turned off the light right away and it was all dark.

Jing Xi moved toward him and lay against him on his arm.

Huo Yunshen slightly turned to her and stroked her on her belly, “Are they asleep?”

“No way. They are more excited than I am, still playing!”

Huo Yunshen held his breath and tried to feel the babies. They were indeed kicking inside. He laughed. “I can feel them kicking. They must be naughty kids.”

“Yeah, I think so too.”

Huo Yunshen patted her gently on her belly and said, “Hey, you guys, go to sleep now! Otherwise, daddy will spank you.”

It seemed to have worked. The two babies gradually stopped kicking.

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