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Chapter 1440: A Definitive Answer

“I’m really sorry…,” Jun Yan apologized.

Jun Yan had grabbed Ouyang Feifei and ran at the wedding without thinking of what would happen after that.

But when he finally calmed down, and his thoughts became clearer, he realized he might’ve caused her harm that might be beyond repair.

But he couldn’t do anything else; all he could do was apologize for his mistake.

“So, you took me all the way out here without my consent, all so you could apologize?” Ouyang Feifei asked as she forced a smile with her trembling lips.

“I’m sorry…”

“Is that all you can say? Why did you do that?”

“I just don’t want to see you throw everything away… Mo Beichen is not the right choice…”

“Mr. Jun!” Ouyang Feifei scolded before Jun Yan could even finish his sentence. “Don’t you think you went out of line? You’ve ruined my marriage, and now you’re saying that you don’t want me to throw everything away? Who do you think you are? If Mo Beichen is not the right choice, who is?”

Ouyang Feifei wanted an answer.

She had already given up on Jun Yan entirely because they were both engaged to other people.

But he suddenly ran into her wedding and ruined everything. She wanted to know why he did that.

She wanted to know why he would butt in if she was not important to him.

“I did that because of Jing Xi. Do you really want to marry a man who has other girlfriends when he’s about to get married? You’re just decoration to him!”

Tears rolled down Ouyang Feifei’s face as she heard the things that she didn’t want to listen to the most.

She couldn’t help but find his reason very ironic.

Ouyang Feifei turned to look outside the window.

“So what if he has other girlfriends? That is my choice. What does that have to do with you? Who are you to tell me what to do? Do you even know what other people would think of us after what you did? Are you going to take responsibility after this?”

Jun Yan could not answer her question.

It was the first time in his life that he had ever done something based on his impulses.

Jun Yan did not know what to do. How much he wished that Jing Xi was there with them so that he could ask her for help.

His silence only broke Ouyang Feifei’s heart even further.

She wiped her tears and turned to face Jun Yan.

“I thought we could live our own lives and never see each other again, but you’ve ruined that. You’ve abandoned Lin Xiangya, and I’ve abandoned Mo Beichen. Everyone will think that we’ve eloped. Let me ask you this again: did you do that just because you love me?”

Ouyang Feifei mustered all her courage and asked him the question.

She really wanted to know how he felt about her.

If he really liked her, she was willing to give up Mo Beichen and be with him.

Even if it meant being criticized by others, including her best friend, she wouldn’t mind the consequences. All she needed was a definitive answer.

But the question

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