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Chapter 1437: Not As Lucky

Lin Xiangya was very satisfied with the engagement. With Jun Yan’s position as the Chief Commander as well as his being very good looking, he met her every single criterion of a perfect future husband.

Ouyang Feifei felt so bitter. How she envied her. But she could only put on a smile and say, “Then, congratulations! I wish you all the happiness.”

“Thank you. I wish the same for you!”

With her family calling, Lin Xiangya left her for the other ballroom.

After that, Jun Yan arrived with his family.

Seeing the girl in a white dress by the entrance, he walked directly toward her. But when the girl raised her head, he found out it was the upset Ouyang Feifei.

“How come it’s you?”

Jun Yan was surprised. He was supposed to be engaged to Lin Xiangya. But why was it Ouyang Feifei instead?

“Congratulations, Mr. Jun.”

Ouyang Feifei was slightly shocked upon the sudden sight of Jun Yan. But she managed to calm down and give her best wishes.


While Jun Yang was trying to figure out what was going on, his men reminded him, “Master, you are in the wrong place. Our venue is over there.”

Jun Yan: “…”

Er… This is awkward.

Jun Yan realized that he was in the wrong venue and misunderstood Ouyang Feifei. So he apologized and left for the other ballroom.

Seeing him leaving, Ouyang Feifei forced herself to control her falling tears.

In a short while, Lin Xiangya showed up with Jun Yan at the entrance of the other ballroom.

Lin Xiangya pointed at Ouyang Feifei from some distance and said, “Jun Yan, look. That’s my college classmate, Ouyang Feifei. What a small world! We are getting engaged on the same day.”

“Em,” Jun Yan answered emotionlessly. He took a glance at Ouyang Feifei and turned away immediately.

“Sadly she is not as lucky. I have you. But she will be engaged to Mo Beichen, the notorious playboy. He hasn’t even shown up yet. Who knows which girl he is hanging out with right now.”

Lin Xiangya was merely stating the facts. But she had no idea that what she said had changed something in Jun Yan too.

Seeing the girl welcoming guests by herself on the other end, Jun Yan could not help feeling for her.

Most guests had arrived. So had Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen with their daughter.

They came to congratulate Jun Yan first. Then Jing Xi took her daughter to the Ouyang family.

The engagement ceremony was about to start. Jun Yan and Lin Xiangya were escorted to the VIP room to get prepared.

While they were waiting, Jun Yan felt somewhat restless. He asked Lin Xiangya to wait for him while he went to the restroom.

Coming out of the room, he saw the Mo family finally arriving.

Mo Beichen wore sunglasses and was attended to by a group of guards. And he was still on the phone.

“Yeah, it’s just a show. Marrying her is just adding another piece of decoration to the house. No big deal. Of course, you are my favorite. Sweetheart, stop

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