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Chapter 1445: Already The Queen

Yun Xuerou came to her and praised, “Sister, dressed up like this, you are already an awe-inspiring queen.

Lan Qiwei felt good. She looked at her in the mirror and said, “I should thank you, my sister, for helping me getting here. I assure you, once I am crowned I will help you seek revenge.”

They smiled tacitly.

It was time to go. Lan Qiwei lifted her dress and walked toward the palace attended by the crowd.

The parliament members were having a meeting in the palace of the Northland. Every minister was present.

The bishop anchoring the meeting declared, “Today, our Queen of the Northland will be coronated. It has been unanimously decided that the Queen will succeed and become the governor. Now, I announce the start of the coronation, and let us welcome Her Majesty, the Queen!”

Shortly after, a gorgeous figure showed up at the entrance of the palace. Lan Qiwei stepped into the palace.

Being the focus of attention, she walked toward the throne step by step, moving toward the supreme power.

The solemn coronation proceeded. At last the bishop announced, “Now I will coronate Her Majesty, the Queen. From now on she will take the responsibility of leading the Northland to future prosperity.”

Lan Qiwei kneeled down by the throne and pressed her palms together to pray.

The bishop picked up the shining crown and was about to coronate her.

But right then someone yelled from outside the palace, “She does not deserve the crown!”

The bishop was shocked and stopped. He looked toward the entrance of the palace.

Everyone else looked too. A group off people charged in, with the leading figure being their prince – Huangpu Xuanye.

Seeing Huangpu Xuanye again, people were all shocked. The parliament went into an uproar.

“Is that His Highness, the Prince?”

“Wasn’t he dead?”

“Is this my imagination?”

“His Highness, the Prince, is still alive!”

They cried out in surprise, fear and excitement.

Lan Qiwei heard Huangpu Xuanye’s voice and turned back. Seeing him stepping toward her safe and sound, she found it unbelievable.

How could it be possible?

Shouldn’t the assassin have killed him?

Was this a real human being or a ghost?

Lan Qiwei stood up by the throne. She pointed at Huangpu Xuanye and his men and yelled, “The prince is dead. Are you an imposter? Guards, arrest them!”

Soon enough, two teams of guards hurried in from both sides of the palace and surrounded Huangpu Xuanye and the rest of them.

Lan Qiwei stood high and seemed awe-inspiring as if she was already the Queen despite the unfinished coronation.

But the seventeen-year-old Huangpu Xuanye was not intimidated at all. He glared at Lan Qiwei and challenged, “You did not deserve my father’s love. He cherished you so much. But you are already arranging your own coronation even during the national mourning. You usurper!”

“In addition, are you assuming I was kill

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