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Chapter 1428: The Best Witness

“I know…” Ouyang Feifei nodded as she tried to hold back her tears.

She knew very well that one should not force the person they love.

All she could do was accept the reality.

And wish him a happy life.

After having comforted Ouyang Feifei, Jing Xi left with Huo Yunshen.

Ouyang Qing had already given them invitations to Ouyang Feifei’s wedding.

Jing Xi looked at the invitation and realized that the wedding would be held in seven days.

“This is really unexpected…” Jing Xi sighed.

“You want to see something more unexpected?” Huo Yunshen asked, handing another invitation to Jing Xi.

“Another one? From who?”

“Open it and you’ll see.”

Jing Xi opened the invitation and realized it was from Jun Yan.

“He’s going to get married?”

Jing Xi could not believe her eyes. How she hoped that the invitation was fake.

“Is this real? Why haven’t I heard about it?” Jing Xi expressed.

“Of course it’s real. I just learned about it too.”

“Who’s Lin Xiangya? Wait… Isn’t she the daughter of Lin Group’s president?”


“This is frustrating! Why would they even get married? They don’t even know each other!” Jing Xi scolded, thinking that the marriage between Jun Yan and Lin Xiangya would never work out. “I still think Jun Yan looks good with Feifei.”

“So what if they look good together? People lose to fate a lot of times.”

Huo Yunshen urged Jing Xi to give up on them. They had both chosen their paths, and outsiders had no say in them.

“I get it, but what a waste… Wait! They are getting married on the same date and place?”

Jing Xi quickly looked at Ouyang Feifei’s invitation, and indeed, both Ouyang Feifei and Jun Yan would be marrying two different people at the same date and place.

“Wait, the same hotel?”

“Yes! Fate really works wondrously. We might have a show that night,” Jing Xi sighed as she put the invitations down.

She couldn’t help but imagine how Ouyang Feifei would feel when she found out about it.

Lan Ling’er had been staying in a secret apartment, waiting patiently for Jing Xi’s message.

She finally got a call from Jing Xi, and she jumped with excitement.

She quickly got dressed and put on a hood before heading out.

They were both going to meet at a western restaurant, and Lan Ling’er rushed there.

“How is it? Is it all settled? When can I meet Qingyu?” Lan Ling’er asked the moment she met up with Jing Xi.

“I have something to ask you first. Helian Qingyu is planning to go to the Northern Kingdom in the near future. Do you want to go with him?” Jing Xi asked.

The reason for Jing Xi’s invitation was so that Lan Ling’er could help identify Lady White Camellia.

She was the best witness.

“Of course! Thank you so much! You really helped me a lot!” Lan Ling’er agreed. She couldn’t care less why they were going to the Northern Kingdom as long as she could meet with Helian Qingyu.

“No pr

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