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Chapter 1442: Opened His Eyes

Ouyang Qing and Re Meixin were anxious since they couldn’t find their daughter. They went to Jun Yan’s house and argued with his parents, which almost broke into a fight.

Jun Yan’s parents were also troubled by his actions. Their son was always reliable in a lot of things, and him snatching the bride away shocked them too.

The parents from both of the families were angry and embarrassed, but all they could do was wait for Jun Yan and Ouyang Feifei to come back.

Ouyang Feifei was lying in the hospital bed, still unconscious, while Jun Yan stayed beside her.

He kept receiving calls from his family, but he did not pick them up. He did not want to.

Even his friends were looking for him. When he noticed Jing Xi was calling him, he hesitated before picking it up.

Ouyang Feifei’s parents were next to Jing Xi, and they were hoping that she could find out where their daughter was.

“Hey. Where are you now?” Jing Xi asked after the call was picked up.

“…At the hospital,” Jun Yan replied.

“What happened?”

“Miss Ouyang… She fainted.”

“What? I’ll be there right away. Feifei’s parents are with me too.”

After asking for the hospital address, Jing Xi took Ouyang Qing and Ren Meixin with her to the hospital.

They were both worried when they saw their daughter lying on the bed.

Ren Meixin even gave Jun Yan a disgusted look.

“Jun Yan! I almost thought you were a gentleman! Why did you ruin Feifei’s wedding? How is she going to get married after this?” Ren Meixin scolded.

“I’m really sorry…” Jun Yan didn’t know what to do other than apologize.

Ouyang Qing did not want his wife to make a fuss in the hospital and stopped her.

“Stop… Let’s go check on Feifei first.”

Jing Xi took Jun Yan out from the room so that they could talk quietly.

“What happened? You better tell me everything,” Jing Xi said.

Jing Xi wasn’t like everyone else; she actually thought that what happened might actually be a good thing.

“I didn’t expect that it would turn out like this…”

Jun Yan felt that he had done something unforgivable and had no idea how to repair the situation.

“Well, it still happened. Now, you have to think of what to do next. You abandoned the young lady from the Lin family and chose Feifei, everyone saw that. No one would believe you if you still insist that you don’t like her. But that’s not the truth, right? You actually love her, but you just don’t understand it yourself.”

Jing Xi finished what she wanted to say and looked at Jun Yan.

“But what is love? I don’t know how it feels to love someone else… I just did that on impulse.”

You big dumb oaf! Jing Xi scolded in her head.

“And that’s proof that you love her! If you don’t, then you would never even care what would happen to her. If you don’t, then why would you do something that you couldn’t even believe yourself doing? You love her, but you’re just too stupid to realize

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