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Chapter 1465: As Close As Possible

Tang Yichen came with his wife Liang Lan, carrying their luggage. Huo Yunshen walked toward them and said, “Tang, sister, how was your flight?”

For a frequent flyer, it was nothing. Tang Yichen smiled. “I’m used to it. But Lanlan had airsickness.”

Liang Lan smiled politely. “I’m feeling much better now.”

“Then let’s go home. Come with me.”

“Huo, thank you. We’re bothering you again.” Liang Lan thanked him.

“Don’t mention it. We are so happy you could come. You should come more often.”

Huo Yunshen then turned to the two kids. “Come on guys, let’s go home now!”

Tang Feimo let go of Ying Bao, held her hand and followed their parents to leave the airport.

Huo Yunshen had come in a limousine today so that they could all sit in the back and chat while Mo An drove.

Ying Bao and Tang Feimo stayed as close as possible to each other with hands in hands, almost like conjoined twins.

“Brother Feimo, I have been so excited since daddy told me last night you were coming.”

“Me too! I couldn’t sleep throughout the night.”

“Then stay here and never leave. So I can see you every day,” Ying Bao said innocently.

“I do want to. But I have to go back to school. It’s all my dad’s fault. He did not want to move to Estan. Otherwise, we could be neighbors again!” Tang Feimo sighed and complained.

Tang Yichen overheard their chat and pointed to Huo Yunshen. “You see, ever since you moved here, my son has been dreaming about moving here too.”

“Likewise, Ying Bao was asking me to build a bridge between Estan and Zstan so that she could visit Feimo anytime. What should we do?”

“Wow. If you lived in outer space, then would we have to make a spaceship?”


The two men felt hopeless with their children.

While they were chatting, the limo arrived at Yunjing Villa. Everybody got out of the car.

Jing Xi had already gotten home from her morning class and was expecting them in the garden.

“Tang, sister, finally you are here.”

“Yeah, we are here again to make trouble.”

Tang Feimo greeted her like a gentleman. “Auntie Jing, here I am again.”

“Haha, Feimo, you are very welcome!”

Liang Lan came to check on Jing Xi and said, “Oh my! This is huge! It must be very tiresome to carry two babies. How have you been, Jing Xi?”

“I’m fine. It’s not that different. I can handle this.”

Jing Xi held Liang Lan and escorted them inside. “Come on in!”

The two kids ran inside first. Ying Bao took out a pair of boy’s slippers and placed them on the ground. “Brother Feimo, I asked mommy to buy these for you. They’re the same as mine.”

Tang Feimo looked at the slippers. It was a pair of cute little piglets, similar to Ying Bao’s but slightly different in design.

Ying Bao’s piglets had long eyelashes and wore bowties, while his did not have those because they were boys.

“Cute, aren’t they? How do you like it, Brother Feimo?”

Tang Feim

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