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Chapter 1450: Couldn’t Be Reckless

After taking care of Lan Qiwei, Huangpu Xuanye went to visit his father’s grave along with his companions.

Helian Qingyu looked at Huangpu Heng’s grave. He was glad that he was able to fulfill the previous emperor’s final wish. He’d managed to help Huangpu Xuanye onto the throne.

They left the burial ground, and Helian Qingyu was ready to go.

“Xuanye, we have to go back to Estan now. You’ll have to face the remaining problems on your own. Can you do it?”

“I’m fine! Thank you for everything!” Huangpu Xuanye nodded.

“Come to Estan when you have the time. We’ll always welcome you with open arms.”

“I will!”

Huangpu Xuanye sent them off at the airport. He wanted to leave with Helian Qingyu, but he understood that with his new status, he couldn’t afford to be reckless.

There were a lot of things waiting for him to sort out in the Northern Kingdom. He would have to wait for quite some time before he could meet with Ying Bao again.

The plane landed safely in Estan a few hours later.

The three of them separated after arriving in Lin City. Jun Yan went back to the military base while Ye Xun went back to JS.

Helian Qingyu took Lan Ling’er back to her apartment.

“From today onwards, you’re a permanent resident of Estan,” Helian Qingyu told Lan Ling’er. “You can continue on your path as an actress and can contact Jing Xi or me whenever you need anything. We’ll do our best to help you.”

Helian Qingyu felt a little apologetic for using Lan Ling’er. Even though Lan Ling’er might be a little bossy, she was a good person.

She could still live like an average person as long as she did not walk down the same path her father had.

“Thank you. Can I call you big bro like Jing Xi always call you?” Lan Ling’er asked, accepting the fact that she and Helian Qingyu were blood-related.

But she didn’t think the outcome was terrible. She could finally let go of Helian Qingyu and was granted permission to live in Estan forever so that she could start a new life.

“Of course you can,” Helian Qingyu smiled.

“Thank you, big bro!”

Lan Ling’er had wholly changed. She wasn’t as arrogant as she used to be.

After everything that had happened in the past few weeks, she finally learned a lot of things.

She vowed to not live like her parents, a people who were being hated by everyone else.

She wanted to be someone who could benefit society, and it wasn’t too late to walk down that path.

Even though her mother had told her who her real father was, she did not plan to find him anytime soon. She would instead leave it up to fate.

The news of the Prince inheriting the throne of the Northern Kingdom spread throughout the world.

When Jing Xi saw the news, she was happy for Huangpu Xuanye.

It wasn’t until she heard about the fight with Lan Qiwei from Ye Xun that she learned how hard it had been for Huangpu Xuanye to retake the throne.


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