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Chapter 1455: Time To Pay Him Back

“Now the clot is causing pressure on his central nervous system and has triggered CNSL. The doctor said he will need a bone marrow transplantation. But you know we have to find matching bone marrow first. The doctor’s suggestion is to try to look for someone from his immediate family.”

Speaking of that, Jing Xi almost burst into tears again and could no longer talk properly.

Su Wanqing got it. Her elder son was suffering from CNSL, hence needed a bone marrow transplant. Her daughter-in-law had come for her help to find the matching bone marrow.

“How come it turned out to be serious.” Su Wanqin could not help worrying. She held Jing Xi’s hand and said, “I’ll go for the match selection. When shall we do it?”

“Thank you, mother. I’m worried it will be too much for you, and that it might not work. Therefore I would like him to try. But will he be willing to do it?”

Jing Xi turned to Mo Yutian. There was no point in discussing with someone with dementia. She had to talk to Su Wanqin first.

Su Wanqin decided for him. “No problem. Xiao-Er was saved by his brother. If only he could donate his bone marrow to his brother, I’m sure he would have no objection.”

“Thank you. Then let’s go after lunch. I’ll arrange for you to take the match selection. Shall we?”

“Sure, sure. Let’s go after lunch.”

Getting the permission from Su Wanqin, Jing Xi was very relieved. She did not stay for long and left with Su Wanqin shortly after.

With the two women gone, Mo Yutian sat on the floor and looked at the sky outside. Then he looked down at the veins on his wrist.

He and Huo Yunshen had the same blood, the blood of the Dragon Kingdom.

They came from the same race and the same family. There was no way he could turn a blind eye to him.

When he closed his eyes he could still recall the moment when Huo Yunshen darted to cover him with his own body when the huge pillar collapsed in the Palace Fillieres.

It was Huo Yunshen who had saved him back then. So now it was his turn to pay him back.

Mo Yutian suddenly felt so lucky that he could still be of some use.

After a simple lunch, Jing Xi arranged for a car to take Su Wanqin and Mo Yutian to the hospital for a match selection.

It was again Gu Yici who helped to arrange everything.

Their blood samples were sent to the lab for a DNA matching with Huo Yunshen’s. It would take a few days and they had to wait patiently.

Coming out of the hospital, it was time to pick up Ying Bao. Jing Xi suggested, “Mother, shall I ask the driver to take you home first? I can go pick up Ying Bao afterward.”

Su Wanqin was not in a hurry. So she said, “No need. Let’s go pick her up together.”


Jing Xi took a glance at Mo Yutian. She could still not trust him wholeheartedly.

Yet through her observations lately, she found nothing but dullness in him. So she said nothing further.

The driver took them to Ying B

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