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Chapter 1447: Bitterly Disappointing

But Huangpu Xuanye already knew the truth. Knowing that it was Lan Qiwei who had planned this, he sneered, “Don’t shed crocodile’s tear. When I was in Estan you sent the assassin there. You thought you could kill me and become the queen. How ambitious you are!”

“How could that be me! I had to step out because the Northland was in danger and I had to shoulder the responsibility. I had no choice!”

Lan Qiwei came to Huangpu Xuanye. She looked sincere. And the tears she shed seemed so real. She was indeed a good actress.

“After all, I am your mother! How could I hurt you? I’m so glad you came back! And I’m so glad you can succeed and become the king. Xuanye, your father had last words for you. Do you want to hear them?”

Huangpu Xuanye definitely wanted to hear his father’s last words. But when he was expecting her to say something, Lan Qiwei took him as a hostage and pointed the gun at his temple.

Huangpu Xuanye was, after all, too naive for the cunning Lan Qiwei.

Before he could react, he was already under her control. “You liar!” he yelled.

Lan Qiwei’s ambition was finally revealed. She burst into wild laughter. “Haha, you witless young man. How could you stand against me? With you being my hostage, none of your men will dare to hurt me!”


When Helian Qingyu found out what she was doing, it was already too late.

She was pointing her gun at Huangpu Xuanye so they did not dare to take any action.

At that time, in order to save Huangpu Xuanye, Helian Qingyu got hold of Lan Ling-Er and yelled at Lan Qiwei, “Lan Qiwei, you’d better release Huangpu Xuanye! Otherwise, I cannot guarantee your daughter’s safety!”

Hearing him speaking of her daughter, Lan Qiwei looked down and saw him holding a hostage too.

She laughed again. “Haha… I have no daughter. You can’t use her against me.”

Lan Ling-Er did not struggle because Helian Qingyu was not hurting her at all. He was just faking it.

But hearing her mother saying that she had no daughter, she could not help feeling sad.

No wonder she had never come back for her throughout the years!

How bitterly disappointing!

“Even if you deny it, you still have a daughter in Estan. Lan Ling-Er, tell me, is she your mother?”

Lan Ling-Er took off the wig and mask, and called out to Lan Qiwei, “Mother!”

And she burst into tears when saying so.


Seeing her own daughter all of a sudden, Lan Qiwei was shocked and got distracted. She never expected that they could bring her real daughter as a hostage.

How could she not care about her only daughter?

She had said that merely to protect herself just now.

She had planned that, when she was coronated, she would bring Lan Ling-Er to the Northland. But she was put into a dilemma now.

“Mother, you are still alive! But why are you doing this to me?” Lan Ling-Er cried.

“Ling-Er, I…”

It was not good timing for an explana

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