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Chapter 1462: Another Little Devil

Huo Yunshen heard the little girl’s giggle and realized it was his daughter playing with him.

“You little… Why are you up so early?” Huo Yunshen sighed, as it wasn’t even 5 in the morning.

“Because I want to go welcome Brother Feimo!” Ying Bao said as she shook her father’s arm. “Come on! We have to leave soon.”


Huo Yunshen instantly regretted telling her daughter that Tang Feimo and his family were visiting.

“It’s still early. Mommy is still sleeping too. Why don’t you go back and get some sleep?”

“Don’t wanna!”

Not only did Ying Bao not want to go back to sleep, but she also intended to wake her mother up.

She turned to look at her mother, who was sleeping soundly and said, “Mommy looks so beautiful when she’s sleeping. Can you give her a kiss to wake her up, daddy?”

“…” Huo Yunshen quickly got up from the bed to get Ying Bao out of the room so that she wouldn’t wake Jing Xi.

Huo Yunshen yawned as he pulled his daughter back to her room.

Helian Qingyu woke up as soon as the alarm sounded. He began to get prepared for his trip to Dstan.

Xiao Liang was waiting for him at the gate.

“Xiao Liang! It looks like we won’t have time for breakfast. Let’s go,” Helian Qingyu said after checking his watch.

“Mr. President, I’ve already canceled the itinerary for today. I’ve also asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform Dstan.”

“What? Why?”

Helian Qingyu stared at Xiao Liang, wondering what gave him the guts to cancel his plan.

“Sir, take a look at this.”

Helian Qingyu got the dart from Xiao Liang, and he noticed a note on it.

He took the note out, and on it was a simple warning.

[The President’s flight to Dstan is rigged! Do not let him board the plane!]

“Where… where did you find this?” Helian Qingyu gasped.

“The guards at the gate found it around two in the morning.”

Helian Qingyu checked the dart. The only people he knew who would relay messages through darts were characters from movies.

“Do you know who sent this?”

Helian Qingyu guessed that the person who sent the message decided to use the dart because he couldn’t get into the mansion.

“I’ve already checked the CCTV footage but couldn’t find anything. I’ve also informed our people to check the plane. It really was rigged. Since we couldn’t determine what our enemy’s next move is, that is why I decided to cancel the plan without informing you,” Xiao Liang explained. Helian Qingyu was glad that someone was helping him from the dark, or else he would’ve died in the explosion.

He also thanked Xiao Liang for taking the appropriate measures.

“Well done! Now that the plan is canceled, I’ll just take it as a vacation then. Prepare the car, I’m going to the Yunjing Manor for breakfast!”

“Yes, sir!”

Helian Qingyu arrived at Jing Xi’s place just in time for breakfast.

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