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Chapter 1457: His Best Salvation

Jing Xi had to help. “He is injured. Could you help take him to the hospital?”

“Sure.” The driver opened the door and helped them get in.

Jing Xi took Ying Bao and accompanied Mo Yutian to the hospital. She also called their own driver to follow them.

At the hospital, Mo Yutian was taken for a full-body CT scan. The result showed that there was no bone injury but only some minor wounds. The nurses attended to his wounds and Jing Xi let the driver go.

Su Wanqin and their driver waited outside until the three of them came out. Then they headed home together.

Su Wanqin had no idea what happened. Upon hearing from Jing Xi the reason why they came back to the hospital, she turned to ask Mo Yutian, “Xiao-Er, how do you feel? Were you hurt?”

Mo Yutian still seemed ignorant. He wagged his head and seems to have no idea about what Su Wanqin was talking about.

Jing Xi sighed and answered for him. “Mother, he is fine. There were some minor wounds and they were properly bound up. No worries.”

“OK. How about Ying Bao? Is my granddaughter OK?”

“She is also fine.” Jing Xi was relieved. “Thanks to him. Otherwise, who knows what would have happened.”

For what Mo Yutian did today, Jing Xi found it hard to make any comments.

She was reluctant to thank him because he owed them too much. It would never be enough, even if he paid them back with his own life.

However, he had saved Ying Bao.

At least it suggested that the ignorant Mo Yutian was no longer a heinous devil.

He had gotten some conscience now, good enough to protect the children.

That is good!

As long as he would not harm anyone, he was at least of some use.

Fortunately, there was no real danger. When they arrived at Yunjing Villa, Su Wanqin suggested thoughtfully, “I’ll take Xiao-Er back.”

Seeing her stumbling on with the ignorant Mo Yutian, Jing Xi thought for a while then said, “How about staying for dinner?”

It was the first time that Jing Xi asked Mo Yutian to stay for dinner. Su Wanqin was surprised. “Is that OK? I’m worried he will annoy you again later on.”

“No worries. I just don’t want to owe him anything. After all, he saved Ying Bao. I have every reason to treat him to dinner.”

Although Jing Xi asked them to stay for dinner, she still acted indifferently.

But it was already a great favor for Mo Yutian. It would be his best salvation if they could forgive him.

“OK, OK.” Su Wanqin accepted her invitation joyfully. She held Mo Yutian’s hand and said, “Xiao-Er, your sister-in-law is inviting you for dinner. You have to behave yourself andnot make any troubles.”

Mo Yutian seemed to have understood her. He wagged then nodded.

Ying Bao bounded happily to Mo Yutian and dragged him inside. “Uncle Dragonbeard, hurry up!”

In order to show her appreciation, the little girl dragged him into the room and seated him on the couch. Then she ran upstairs to get her drawing

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