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Chapter 1439: Running Away!

“Stop! What are you doing?” Mo Beichen scolded, but the only answer he got was a hard punch from Jun Yan.

Mo Beichen fell to the ground and the ring was lost.

When he got up again Jun Yan had already taken Ouyang Feifei away. They disappeared at the entrance of the hall. The guests were all shocked. They asked around, trying to figure out what had just happened. Was the bride just kidnapped?

Ouyang Qing and Ren Meixin were also confused. Since it was Jun Yan who had taken Feifei away, they had to turn to Jing Xi for help.

“Uncle, auntie, don’t worry. I’ll go check on them.”

Jing Xi reassured them and took her daughter out.

Stepping out of the venue, Jing Xi saw the chaos in the other ballroom.

Huo Yunshen got out and came to them. Jing Xi asked, “Do you have any idea what’s going on?”

“He ran away!” Huo Yunshen answered briefly. He got hold of his wife and daughter and said, “Come on, let’s go.”

On their way back, Huo Yunshen told Jing Xi about what had happened at the engagement ceremony of Junyan and Lin Xiangya. It turned out that Jun Yan made a bold move at the very last moment.

He put down the ring and said, “I’m sorry.” Then he ran out of the room.

Despite Lin Xiangya’s calls, he never turned back.

Huo Yunshen heard from his wife that Jun Yan went to Mo and Ouyang’s engagement ceremony after that and took Ouyang Feifei away.

Finally realizing what had happened, Jing Xi slapped her thigh and complained, “What has he done!? If only the Eldest Brother could have followed his heart earlier, how could this have happened? Now he took Feifei away. How should the four families deal with it?”

What he did today has offended both the Lin and Mo families.

Perhaps the Jun and Ouyang families would not forgive him either for taking Ouyang Feifei away like that.

Jing Xi could not help blaming her Eldest Brother. He had always been a sedate man. No one would have expected him acting so ridiculously on such an important occasion.

Jing Xi worried about what they would be faced with next.

“Don’t worry too much. Sometimes people can only see their hearts at the very last moment. Now that they are running away together, it might not be a bad thing. Let’s wait and see.”

“What else can we do?”

They drove home. Having had nothing at the engagement ceremony, they had to call their parents for a dinner at the Moon Castle.

When Jun Yan took Ouyang Feifei out of the ballroom, he dragged her out of the hotel and got her into his car. Then he thundered away.

He drove so fast that Ouyang Feifei almost threw up.

Ouyang Feifei did not dare to open her eyes until he stopped. She looked pale and her heart kept beating violently. She felt very bad.

Jun Yan finally stopped after driving crazily for dozens of miles, and then realized that the girl was not feeling well.

Recalling that she had heart disease, Jun Yan was scared and asked, “Mis

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