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Chapter 1427: Never Meant Together

They happened to stop at the same time and stared into each other’s eyes. Jun Yan saw in her charming eyes the reflections of himself.

He really did not want to hurt this delicate girl. But he could not promise anything either.

Therefore it was better to make it short.

He took a deep breath and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Ouyang. That’s not possible. You are great. But I cannot promise anything.”

Being rejected, Ouyang Feifei felt her heart breaking again.

A sharp pain prevailed. She felt sour and lost control of her tears.


She had to know the reason. If she was great, why did he keep rejecting her?

Why not even try?

“Because, I’m also getting engaged,” Jun Yan answered frankly.

He did have some feelings for her. But it was not the right time. How bitter it was.

What a shock!

Hearing that Jun Yan was also getting engaged, Ouyang Feifei felt like she was hit by a bolt.

A moment ago, when he had told her to think it through, she thought that he was about to stop her from marrying that man and wanted to be with her.

She thought that, if he wanted, she would definitely cancel the engagement for him.

However, it turned out to be her own fantasy again.

She wanted to ask who he was engaged to. Who was the lucky girl that he would marry?

But she did not have the courage to ask. She felt like she was being emptied and was stunned.

Finishing his words, Jun Yan got ready to leave. “Thank you for showing us around, Miss Ouyang. I have to go now.”

And he walked away upon saying so.

Ouyang Feifei stood there watching him leave. Her tears fell down again silently.

How painful!

She could barely breathe.

He had refused her once, and now again.

Ouyang Feifei, you idiot! Now get over it!

Jun Yan returned to the villa and found Ye Xun talking with Jing Xi and others.

So he did not go to the bathroom. He deliberately left them alone.

Seeing Jun Yan coming back alone, Jing Xi asked, “First Brother, how come you got back by yourself? Where is Feifei?”

“She’s in the garden.”

Then Jun Yan turned to Ouyang Qing and his wife. “Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Ouyang, for the luncheon. Sorry that I have to leave now.”

“No problem. Feel free to drop by when you have time.”

They stood up to send him off. Ye Xun proposed to leave with him too.

With them gone, Jing Xi told Huo Yunshen, “Honey, you stay here with Uncle Ouyang and auntie. I’ll go check on Feifei.”


Jing Xi went to the garden. She followed the blossoms and eventually found the girl sitting on the ground weeping.

It seemed they were indeed not meant for each other.

Jing Xi came and patted her on the shoulder. “Come on, Feifei. Don’t be so sad.”

Ouyang Feifei raised her head and wiped the tears. She stood up and came to cuddle Jing Xi. “Jing Xi, I’ve tried my best. But it didn’t work out. He never liked me.”

“I see. Feifei

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