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Chapter 1431: Just In Case

Seeing the photo of the Queen of the Northland, Jing Xi realized that it was not another identity of Yun Xuerou.

So Lan Qiwei was still alive. Furthermore, she was about to be throned!

“Is she Lan Ling-Er’s mother?”

It was Helian Qingyu who got surprised this time.

“Yes. People say she had died many years ago. She was actually Mo Xie’s ex-wife, and sister of Lady White Tea. Do you have any idea who Lady White Tea is?”


“You don’t know the name, but you must know her in person. Lady White Tea is your mother, Yun Xuerou.”

Helian Qingyu: “…”

If it was not for Jing Xi, Helian Qingyu would never have found out the other identity of his mother. He was overwhelmed. “How could it be?”

“I couldn’t believe it either. But it is true. I’ve been searching for her for a long while. And finally, here we are. As long as we can find her, I will be able to get my brother back. So we probably need to ask Lan Qiwei for her whereabouts. Brother, will you help me then?”

Helian Qingyu knew that Jing Xi had a missing twin brother and was willing to help. “It’s my bound duty. No worries, I’ll figure it out!”

Yun Xuerou was a wanted criminal of Estan now. As the president, he would never harbor her.

He did want to know her whereabouts. He could ask the Queen of the Northland later on.

Helian Qingyu knew that he would meet the queen in his following visit to the Northland. So he asked, “Jing Xi, you mentioned you wanted to go to the Northland. Was that why? But are you not going now?”

Jing Xi had changed her mind. “No. I’m not going. As a pregnant woman, I would probably be troublesome for you.”

“I see. You’d better stay home.”

“Right. I’m not going. But I want you to take someone with you. Just in case.”


“Lan Ling-Er.”


Helian Qingyu did not know that Jing Xi had been taking care of Lan Ling-Er. Since they took down Lstan he had been busy with his state affairs and almost forgot about Lan Ling-Er.

If it was not for Jing Xi, he probably would have never thought about her.

Jing Xi explained why she thought it was good to bring Lan Ling-Er. “Brother, I thought the Queen of the Northland was Lady White Tea. But now we know the truth, that she is Lan Ling-Er’s mother. So if you bring her there, she might be able to help you out if Lan Qiwei would do you any harm.”

Helian Qingyu agreed. “Fine. Then let’s bring her in.”

They had lunch in the presidential palace. After that, Jing Xi and Ying Bao stayed a little while longer for Huangpu Xuanye.

Huo Yunshen came to pick them up around four o’clock and they headed home.

On their way back, Jing Xi and her daughter sat in the back seat.

Thinking of Ying Bao and Huangpu Xuanye playing together earlier on, Jing Xi suddenly asked, “Sweetheart, mommy has a question for you.”


“Do you think Brother Feimo is better or Uncle Prince?”

Ying Bao had never compared these tw

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