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Chapter 1444: Not Going Smoothly

Jing Xi invited Jun Yan into her house.

“Xixi, I went to the hospital, but she wasn’t there anymore,” Jun Yan said.

“Did you go to her house?” Jing Xi asked, not knowing that Ouyang Feifei had left the hospital that early.

“I did, but they’re not welcoming toward me. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

Jun Yan finally felt what it was like to bear his own consequences after being hated by Ouyang Feifei’s parents.

“Let me go and take a look, then.”


Jun Yan could only wait until Jing Xi came back from the Guangming Residence.

But the outcome wasn’t what Jing Xi had expected, as Jing Xi could not meet with Ouyang Feifei when she went to the Guangming Residence.

Ouyang Qing and Ren Meixin told Jing Xi that they had sent their daughter to somewhere peaceful so that she could recover.

When Jing Xi told Jun Yan what she’d learned, Jun Yan did not find it surprising.

He knew that the Ouyang family would not let Ouyang Feifei meet with him again and that sending her away was just a fluke.

Jun Yan waited for the next few days until he had to go on a mission.

The mission was to escort Huangpu Xuanye back to the Northern Kingdom.

Huangpu Xuanye had recovered completely, just in time for the queen’s enthronement.

Their mission was to stop the queen from taking the throne and help Huangpu Xuanye become the next king.

Even though Huangpu Xuanye knew of the importance of him going back, he still felt a little reluctant to leave as he had no idea when he would be able to see Ying Bao again.

He asked Helian Qingyu to take him to the Yunjing Manor before he left so that he could say goodbye.

Ying Bao kept pulling Huangpu Xuanye’s hand when she learned that he was returning to the Northern Kingdom.

“Uncle Prince, when can you come and visit me again?”

“I will when I have the time,” Huangpu Xuanye replied.

He could not give the little girl a precise answer.

“Okay… Please don’t forget about me.”

“I won’t. You can come and visit me when you have the time, too, okay?”


Jing Xi had initially planned to join them on the trip but had to cancel the trip. She could only pray for their success.

Huangpu Xuanye began his journey back home early the next day.

Lan Ling’er joined the team too after disguising herself. She was thrilled to be able to meet with Helian Qingyu again.

But Helian Qingyu did not show any surprise. He was still cold towards her, but Lan Ling’er did not mind it as long as they were together.

The trip to the Northern Kingdom didn’t go as smoothly as they thought it would.

The whole country was locked down. The border between Estan and the Northern Kingdom was heavily guarded by the military.

The queen ordered the lockdown so that she could prevent Estan from mingling with her enthronement ceremony.

It would be impossible for them to set foot in the Northern Kingdom thro

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