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Chapter 1401: Who Is Behind This?

Ying Bao waved. “Bye, Uncle Prince! You listen to the doctors and behave yourself! I’ll come back soon!”

Huangpu Xuanye waved goodbye as well, although he wished she could stay.

Jing Xi took Ying Bao out of the hospital. Huo Yunshen was waiting for them by the car and opened the door upon seeing them.

When they got in, Huo Yunshen went to the diver’s side and was about to get in too. Then he suddenly felt dizzy and lost his eyesight for a split second.

Huo Yunshen had experienced headaches, instant loss of eyesight and dizziness several times lately.

He thought it was because he had been working too hard and needed more rest. So he never went to the doctor.

He held the door and stood there for a few seconds. When he made sure he was fine again he started the car and headed home.

On their way, they talked about the assault. Huo Yunshen said, “The news spread extremely fast to the Northland. They already heard about it and the embassy is putting a lot of pressure on Estan to provide an explanation.”

Jing Xi commented, “It was merely an accident. No one wanted him to be hurt. Now we can only wait for him to recover and send him safely back to the Northland.”

“Qingyu and I both think it was not an accident. There must be something about it.”

Clever as Jing Xi was, she gave it a second thought and said, “Do you mean someone has deliberately planned it and spread the news in order to bring the two countries into a dispute?”

“Highly possible.”

Jing Xi sighed, “Fortunately Xuanye is still alive. If he had died it would be an even worse case.”


“So who do you think is behind this?”

“Not sure. Let’s see.”

Staying in Estan and being closely related to the Helian family, they were very worried about Helian Qingyu when the country was put under threat.

They had spent a lot of effort to erase the Lstan and Dark Zone. Now they only wished for world peace and fofr everyone to live in happiness and comfort.

When they arrived at the Yunjing Villa, the guard opened the gate and delivered some mail.

“Master, there is mail for Madam.”

Huo Yunshen took the mail and saw Jing Xi’s name on it. He thought it was some advertisement and handed it to her directly.

Jing Xi took it and found it to be from someone anonymous.

She had not bought anything online, nor had she had any contact with the outside world. Who would send her a letter?

Instead of opening it right away, she waited until they got inside.

There was a simple piece of A4 paper in the mail. Pulling it out she saw the printed letters:

[Time: Evening XXX(month) XXX(date)

Target: Huangpu Xuanye

Executer: Darnell

Venue: Top Military District Hospital of Estan]

There was nothing more. But she was already frightened upon seeing it. “Honey, honey, honey, come here, come here…”

Huo Yunshen was carrying some stuff when he heard her crying. He thought that

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