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Chapter 1406: Could Not Wait

The silenced pistol was aimed at the bed, and it was fired. After making sure that the person lying on the bed would not wake up anymore, the culprit left.

Lady White Camellia got a message from the hitman telling her that the mission was a success.

As soon as she got the news, she quickly informed her sister.

“Sis! It’s done! You can make your move once the preparations are done.”

“Very good! The old man has no choice left but to give me what I want tomorrow.”

“One more thing: I suggest you put the Northern Kingdom in a lockdown situation. We have to prevent Estan and other countries from intruding on your coronation.”

“Don’t worry, they won’t have the chance.”

Lan Qiwei took the chance to lock the country away from outside communications.

She then went to the hospital. Huangpu Heng had to hand her the power she wanted if he wanted to bring his son’s body back to the Northern Kingdom.

Lan Qiwei took the order and called for a cabinet meeting to announce it.

“We are in a dire situation now! Huangpu Xuanye was announced dead in Estan, and our king is lying sick in the hospital. The king has ordered me to lead the people to handle the situation! As so, I wan to announce…”

Before Lan Qiwei could finish the announcement, a guard barged into the meeting.

“The king has fallen!” the guard said.

The news shocked the cabinet, and Lan Qiwei was forced to stop the meeting.

She pretended to cry out in pain because of her husband’s death.

“Let’s stop the meeting here. We’ll continue after the king’s funeral!”

With the help of her assistant, Lan Qiwei went to the hospital.

The whole country cried because of their king’s sudden death. Huangpu Heng’s funeral was held in the kingdom’s tomb.

Huangpu Heng lay in the coffin, his eyes closed forever.

He had taken his own life to stop Lan Qiwei from overtaking the throne.

The rules of the Northern Kingdom stated that cabinet meetings could only be held one year after the king’s death. It meant that Lan Qiwei had to wait one year for her coronation.

But she couldn’t wait anymore.

Lan Qiwei gathered the cabinet and told them they must crown her because of the dire situation. The coronation was planned to be held one month later.

Huangpu Xuanye was already back in the President’s mansion and was protected by Helian QIngyu’s own security detail.

Huo Yunshen and Helian Qingyu had swapped out Huangpu Xuanye before the assassination attempt and managed to save him.

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