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Chapter 1411: Taking Up 3/4 Of Her Life

Jing Ruyue couldn’t hold in her laughter when she saw who was listed as the first contact.

“How did you even order this? By name? Why are you even in the first one?” Jing Ruyue laughed.

“What? Can’t I always be the first in everything related to you?” Helian Wei laughed and kissed Jing Ruyue on her cheek.

“You’re always the first.”

In Jing Ruyue’s heart, Helian Wei had always been the most important in her life, so vital that he could even take up to 3/4 of her life.

Helian Wei was satisfied with Jing Ruyue’s answer and began to teach her how to use the chatting application on the phone.

“You just have to touch my profile and type in whatever you want. I can receive your message instantly,” Helian Wei said.

Jing Ruyue followed what Helian Wei had taught her and typed [Hello].

Helian Wei’s phone rang the moment Jing Ruyue touched the send button.

When Jing Ruyue noticed Helian Wei had set her nickname in the chat as My Dear Little Moon, she couldn’t help but laugh again.

“Hey! Why are you using that name? The kids will laugh at us until they die.”

“Let them laugh, I’m not going to take responsibility if they die from it. I’m going to use this because I like it, end of discussion!” Helian Wei said and send her a message.

[I love you, Little Moon.]

Jing Ruyue was touched when she saw the message.

She turned to look at Helian Wei and pulled him down by his necktie.

“I love you too, Feng,” Jing Ruyue said and kissed him.

“Now, I’ll have to teach you about the camera function,” Helian Wei said after the kiss. “Not only can this phone take photos, but it can also record videos.”

It took Jing Ruyue more than half an hour to learn how to use the camera function.

Helian Wei stood up and said, “Come on, let’s go take a walk in the garden and try the camera.”


The two walked out from the castle hand in hand and went to the Rose Garden.

“Stand there,” Helian Wei said and pointed at a place where he could capture both the roses and the castle. “I’ll take a photo for you.”

Jing Ruyue stood in front of the bushes with the Moon Castle and a vast blue sky as her background.

It was as if Helian Wei was looking at an oil painting of an angel.

He took photos of her from different angles.

“Let me take some photos of you too,” Jing Ruyue offered as she took her phone out.


Helian Wei stood tall in front of the camera as Jing Ruyue took photos of him.

“I guess any person would look good in photos if they are good looking,” Jing Ruyue complimented as she checked the photos.

“I’ll get arrogant if you keep on praising me like that.” Helian Wei smiled and walked towards Jing Ruyue. “Let’s take a photo together.”

Helian Wei turned on the front-facing camera, and they stuck their heads together.

“I’ll use this as my wallpaper.”

Helian Wei sent the same photo to Jing Ruyue’s phone and set it

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