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Chapter 1398: After Him

Jing Xi started to look for the person in the mascot costume after Huangpu Xuanye was taken away in the ambulance, but no matter how hard she looked, she could not find the person.

The doctors were performing surgery on Huangpu Xuanye while Jing Xi and the others waited outside.

Helian Qingyu suspected that the attack was not aimed at Huangpu Xuanye or Jing Xi. He had already ordered his men to look into the matter.

If Helian Qingyu was correct, the assailant was trying to harm him by wounding the prince.

If news of Huangpu Xuanye being killed in Estan were to spread, Helian Qingyu would have to take responsibility as the President.

Even though Helian Qingyu had ordered that the attack be kept a secret, word still got out.

News about the prince of the Nothern Kingdom being attacked spread throughout the internet like a wildfire.

What made Helian Qingyu curious was how they had learned about Huangpu Xuanye. The prince’s visit to Estan was a secret that only a few knew about.

The only explanation was that the group who had ordered the hit had been following them ever since Helian Qingyu arrived in the Nothern Kingdom.

A man took off his costume in a private apartment.

His blood was everywhere and he was drenched in sweat.

Mo Yutian looked at this arm, which had been hit by a bullet. He knew that he had to remove it as soon as possible.

There was no way he could go to the hospital as he was. The only option left for him was to take the bullet out himself.

He heated his dagger and bit onto his own clothes. Without any anesthesia in play, he cut a part of his injured arm open.

He winced as he cut deeper.

He finally took the bullet out with a shaking hand in the end. Mo Yutian let out a sigh of relief after that.

He took a bottle of high concentration alcohol and poured it over the wound before he proceeded to bandage his arm up.

Even though the pain was intense, he knew that it was just a small fraction of his path to salvation.

When Mo Yutian learned of Lady White Camellia’s plan, he decided to go and save Jing Xi without any hesitation.

If Mo Yutian hadn’t been at the theme park when Jing Xi was there, things would’ve gotten out of hand.

Mo Yutian lay down on the bed, completely beat. But he was glad that Jing Xi had gotten out of the attack without any harm.

When Huo Yunshen rushed to the hospital after he heard the news, Huangpu Xuanye had already come out from surgery but was still unconscious.

“Hey, were you hurt?” Huo Yunshen asked Jing Xi.

“No. I was lucky that someone saved me.”

“We have to thank that person.”


“How about Ying Bao? Is she okay?”

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