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Chapter 1403: All His Disguise

Ying Bao turned and smiled. She got ahold of his hand, stepped on his knees and mounted his shoulders.

“Uncle Dragonbeard, let’s take off!”

Mo Yutian stood up and carried Ying Bao to run around in the garden. Ying Bao laughed and screamed excitedly.

Jing Xi sighed upon seeing this. But there was nothing she could do.

The two of them ran insanely in the garden for quite a while before they eventually stopped for a break.

Ying Bao got down from Mo Yutian’s shoulders, ran toward her mother and grandmother, and headed into her mother’s arms.

“How was it? Did you have fun? Look at how you sweat!”

Jing Xi looked at her as she spoke.

Ying Bao turned to take a glance at Mo Yutian. “I’m perfectly fine. But uncle is sweating. Mommy, can I invite Uncle Dragonbeard for a cup of juice?”

“I guess, yes.”

There was juice and desserts on the table by their side. Jing Xi made her a glass of juice and the little girl passed it to Mo Yutian.

When she turned, Jing Xi found an obvious red stain on her white dress.

After her daughter had delivered the juice, she called her back immediately. “Ying Bao, come here.”

“What’s up, mommy?” Ying Bao gurgled back.

“What’s that on your dress? Some paint?”

Jing Xi lifted her dress and the little girl looked down at it too. She could not remember when she’d stained it. “Mommy, I have no idea.”

Jing Xi touched it and felt that it was moist. Putting her finger under her nose she caught the distinct smell of blood.

It was blood!

Where did it come from?

“Sweetheart, how come there’s blood? Are you hurt?”

Jing Xi was scared. She pulled Ying Bao over and checked on her. But the little girl felt confused and had no idea what had happened.

Jing Xi was outraged and took Ying Bao to Mo Yutian. She questioned him, “Mo Yutian, what have you done to my child? Why is there blood on her dress?”

Hearing her saying this, Mo Yutian looked at Ying Bao’s dress and found that it had indeed been stained with the blood from his wounded arm.

While they were playing, his wound had cracked again. He was wearing black clothes so no one could see it. But it had stained Ying Bao’s white dress.

No wonder Jing Xi thought that he had hurt Ying Bao upon seeing the blood.

But as a mentally handicapped person now, he could only keep playing dull.

Jing Xi realized that she could not reason with an idiot. So she took Ying Bao inside and made a thorough check.

Inside the room, she took off her clothes but could not find any wounds, not even around her lower body.

“Ying Bao, you should be frank with mommy. Did Uncle Dragonbeard hurt you?”

“No way. I had so much fun with Uncle Dragonbeard.”

That’s weird. Then where did the blood come from?

Jing Xi recalled that Mo Yutian was wearing in black and seemed a bit pale today. Could… the blood be his that had accidentally stained Ying Bao’s dress?

In that case, wha

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