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Helian Qingyu predicted that Huangpu Xuanye would be targeted again if he showed his face in public.

That was why he decided to wait until Huangpu Xuanye was fully healed before making a move.

“When can I go back then?” Huangpu Xuanye asked, saddened by the fact that he could not attend his father’s funeral.

“One month. We’ll have to wait until your wound heals. We still have time to make some preparations before the coronation.”

“I see…”

It was the first time in Huangpu Xuanye’s life that he felt a lot of weight on his shoulders, burdens that required him to face them with courage.

Huangpu Xuanye closed his eyes and made a promise in his heart.

Father, rest in peace! Your son will not disappoint you!

Huo Yunshen woke up earlier during the weekend and prepared breakfast before waking Jing Xi.

Huo Yunshen lay down next to Jing Xi and kissed her cheek. Jing Xi opened her eyes slowly after being awoken by a tingling feeling on her face.

“Hey, stop it…”

“Breakfast is served,” Huo Yunshen said and kissed her before resting his palm on her belly. “We still have to go to the hospital after this.”

“Oh, right, the antenatal care!”

Jing XI’s eyes shot wide open after her husband reminded her of her schedule, which she had forgotten.

Huo Yunshen helped Jing Xi up. Because she was only a few weeks away from giving birth, her body was heavy and she needed help to move around.

Huo Yunshen went on to get her some clothes to help her to get dressed.

Jing Xi raised her head and smiled at Huo Yunshen’s beautiful eyes.

“I feel like a little kid now.”

“No, you’re more fragile than a kid now!” Huo Yunshen replied.

Huo Yunshen helped her up to take her to the bathroom.

“I still can move by myself, you know. I’m not as weak as you… Hey!”

Jing Xi shrieked, slipping on the mat in the bathroom.

She was lucky that Huo Yunshen was behind her, and he caught her.

“What did I tell you? You have to be careful at all times!” Huo Yunshen scolded.

“I’m sorry. I’ll follow your order next time, okay?”

“Yeah, right! You’ll always forget it right away anyway!”

“I swear I won’t do it next time! Forgive me, okay?”


“Come on… Don’t be angry…” Jing Xi fawned.

She knew that it was the most effective way to calm Huo Yunshen down.

She then hugged Huo Yunshen from behind and rubbed her head on his back.

While Jing Xi was doing that, Ying Bao, who had already been woken up, came looking for her mommy.

“Daddy is ignoring mommy!” Ying Bao laughed as she leaned on the door.

“Go away!” Jing Xi scolded as she quickly let go and turned around.

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