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Chapter 1416: Low EQ

Ouyang Feifei walked into the Mingjue Bar. It was not as crowded and noisy as Ouyang Feifei had expected. A bar that only the most prestigious people could enter.

She told Mo Beichen’s name to the server, and she was guided to a private room.

Ouyang Feifei had her head down the whole time and did not notice the two people standing on the second floor.

Ye Xun noticed that Ouyang Feifei had just walked through the front door. He remembered her because Jing Xi had introduced him to her during Jing Xi’s parents’ wedding.

“Hey, isn’t that Miss Ouyang?” Ye Xun said to Jun Yan.

Jun Yan looked at where Ye Xun was pointing and also saw Ouyang Feifei in an elegant green one-piece.

“Why is she here? Did you invite her?” Ye Xun asked, thinking that Jun Yan was the one who had invited her.

“No.” Jun Yan shook his head. He had no idea why Ouyang Feifei was at the bar either.

“Should we go say hello?”

“There’s no need for that.”

Jun Yan believed that he should mind his own business.

Ye Xun could not help but shake his head. He thought that if Jun Yan remained as he was, he would never get married.

If neither party was going to make the first move, nothing would happen.

Ouyang Feifei walked into the private room and met with Mo Beichen. The man sat on the couch with his legs folded. It was clear that he was an arrogant man from the way he acted and looked.

That man was the president of the Mo Group, a man who could do anything he wanted in Estan’s business circle.

He was handsome, but he wasn’t Ouyang Feifei’s type.

“Mr. Mo, why did you call me here?”

Mo Beichen raised his head when he heard Ouyang Feifei’s voice.

“Please, have a seat.”

Mo Beichen pointed at the empty seat.

Ouyang Feifei walked with her back straight and sat down opposite Mo Beichen.

Mo Beichen scanned Ouyang Feifei from top to bottom and said, “I have something to clarify. I accept the engagement proposal, not because I like you.”

Mo Beichen would not have agreed to it if not for the elderly in his family lying in their death beds and wanting to see him have a family.

“I know.”

“So, even if we were to be engaged, you would have no right to stop me from doing anything.”

It was clear that Mo Beichen was a man who always had his way.

“Anything else?” Ouyang Feifei asked, having already prepared for what Mo Beichen would say.

Her voice was calm and cold, as if she were not a person that was about to be engaged.

“Even if I say that we still have to act like a happy family in front of the elders, okay?”

“I get it. Is that all?”

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