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Chapter 1387: Did Not Want To Wear Her Out

She tried to get rid of him but Feng Yunan insisted. He held her wrist tightly and she could never escape from this powerful man.

“Sorry, Ms. Jing Xi. I need to talk to her,” Feng Yunan said coldly and dragged Qiao Ruoxi away without hesitation.

Jing Xi reasoned that she could not be of much help to Qiao Ruoxi right now, and should let them mind their own business.

Getting out of the center alone, she found Huo Yunshen and left with him.

On their way to the hospital Jing Xi was also enraged upon hearing what had happened to Huo Erqi. “I can’t imagine. How could Boris have done that!? Is second sister OK?”

“Gu Yici already attended to her. She probably has to stay in the hospital for a few days.”

“Right. Then I’ll make some dishes for her tomorrow.”

They came to the hospital to check on Huo Erqi.

After the infusion, Huo Erqi had finally fallen asleep.

When Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi arrived, Gu Yici was sitting by her side.

Having greeted him, Huo Yunshen saw that his sister was already asleep. Then he said, “Honey, let me take you home. You can come again tomorrow.”


Gu Yici suggested, “You’d better both go home and come back tomorrow. The nurse and I will take good care of her. No worries.”

“OK then, thank you!”

Seeing him being so attentive, Huo Yunshen agreed and took Jing Xi home.

On their way home Jing Xi asked, “Does Gu Yici know your sister?”

Otherwise, why was this doctor staying in a patient’s ward?

“Yes. He said my sister helped him once and he was grateful. Now that she is in need, he will help as much as he can,” Huo Yunshen explained.

“No wonder why he was so attentive.”

Jing Xi thought about Gu Yici and Huo Erqi and suddenly realized that they could have been a good match for each other.

Especially their name; it was indeed funny. [1]

On the following day, Jing Xi prepared some porridge and light dishes and put them in a thermo bento.

After taking Ying Bao to the school, they went to the hospital to see Huo Erqi again.

Coming to the ward, they heard people talking inside. Through the window they saw it was Gu Yici chatting with Huo Eryi.

It seemed they were enjoying it.

Huo Yunshen knocked on the door and took Jing Xi inside. They greeted each other.

Gu Yici stood up and said, “Good, you are here. I have to go now and will come back later.”

“Thank you, bro.”

“No prob.”

With Gu Yici gone, Jing Xi came and asked, “How do you feel today second sister?”

“Jing Xi, I’m fine now.”

“Good. You should worry no more and take good care of yourself. I made you porridge. Try some.”

“Thank you.”

Huo Erqi was touched. The comfort from her friends and family made her feel much better after what had happened recently.

Huo Yunshen set up the table and Jing Xi took out the dishes for her.

“I can do this myself. You are a pregnant woman. How could I ask you to

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