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Chapter 1392: Lightning Fast Development

Gu Yici was very thorough. He even hired cleaners to clean the house every day and servants to cook for Huo Erqi.

Huo Erqi did not even need to worry about living in there.

It was the best for Huo Erqi, as she could not have lived alone without help.

After staying in Estan for a few days, Huo Erqi finally calmed down. She decided to visit her little brother at the Yunjing Manor.

When Gu Yici heard of her plan, he volunteered as her driver.

When Jing Xi noticed a car parking in front of the manor from the second floor, she was shocked by what she witnessed later. Gu Yici got out from his car and jogged to the shotgun seat, helping Huo Erqi to unbuckle her seatbelt and helping her down from the vehicle.

Jing Xi could not believe that things between the two of them had developed so much in just a few days.

She even guessed that Huo Yunshen might just have a new brother-in-law in no time.

“Hey, hubby! Your sister is here. Doctor Gu is with her, too,” Jing Xi turned around and said.

“Okay,” Huo Yunshen replied.

“Don’t you think Doctor Gu is acting differently in front of your sister? Could it be that he’s going for her?” Jing Xi asked as she left the room with her husband.

“Are you sure? He’s gay, you know.”

“But we’ve never heard anything about him dating any men before, have we? Could it be that he’s just faking it and waiting for the perfect woman like your sister?”

“Who knows, it’s not something we have a say in,” Huo Yunshen said with a shrug. “Let them worry about that. You just have to take care of yourself, okay? Stop worrying about those things.”

Jing Xi nodded, and they went to greet their guests.

Huo Erqi came with gifts, and Gu Yici was carrying them.

“Oh, my, how rare for you to visit us, Doctor Gu. Was your schedule clear today?” Jing Xi asked.

“I’m just a chaperone,” Gu Yici laughed awkwardly.

“Sis, you didn’t have to bring so many things. We have a lot of things here,” Jing Xi turned to Huo Erqi and said.

“It’s my first time visiting the both of you after moving to Estan, of course I had to bring something,” Huo Erqi said. “By the way, where’s my niece? There should be no class on Saturday, right?”

“She’s playing in the garden with Xuanye.”

“Who’s Xuanye?” Huo Erqi asked.

“Ying Bao’s friend. He’s our guest.”

Jing Xi explained briefly. After he had been staying in the Yunjing Manor for some time, the Huo family started to call him by his first name.

Just as they were talking about Ying Bao, Ying Bao returned from the garden with Huangpu Xuanye.”

“Ying Bao! Look who’s here!” Jing Xi said.

“Oh, my! Why is the prettiest Aunty Two here?”

“That’s the niece I know! What a sweet talker!” Huo Erqi laughed as she hugged Ying Bao.

“Aunty Two, do you like little girls like me?”

“Yes! I do!”

“Then why don’t you make one too?”


Ying Bao’s words were like needles pricki

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