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Chapter 1400: Lucky

Yun Xuerou started to explain her plan to Lan Qiwei.

Lan Qiwei thought about Yun Xuerou’s plan for a moment, and a broad smile appeared on her face.

“It’s a good plan! We’ll go according to it then!”

The sisters began to move forward with their plan to overtake the throne. Yun Xuerou started to spread the news about Huangpu Xuanye dying in Estan.

Lan Qiwei had her trusted minister relay the message of his son’s death to Huangpu Heng. When the king heard of his son’s demise, he could not take the hit and fell unconscious.

Huangpu Heng was sent to the hospital. The doctors said that he only had a few days left to live.

Everything had proceeded according to their plan.

Without a leader in the Hua’er castle, Lan Qiwei stood up and gathered the ministers.

She organized a team to visit Estan, wanting them to give an explanation of Huangpu Xuanye’s death.

At the same time, she sent another group of people to prevent Huangpu Xuanye from returning to the Northen Kingdom.

Lady White Camellia had already returned to Estan, planning to kill Huangpu Xuanye for her sister.

Most of the ministers in the Northern Kingdom had been bought off by Lan Qiwei. They were willing to move on with her being the new leader.

All they were waiting for was for Huangpu Heng to breathe his last breath.

Huangpu Xuanye had already woken up after a few days.

When Ying Bao noticed Huangpu Xuanye was opening his eyes slowly, she shouted in surprise.

“Uncle Prince! Good morning!”


Huangpu Xuanye realized that he was still alive. He could remember that he had been shot at the theme park.

He thought that he would’ve died for sure. He never expected that he could wake up to the sight of the cute little girl. He felt lucky.

“Yay! I can talk to Uncle Prince again!”

Ying Bao had been worried about Huangpu Xuanye for the past few days. She’d been afraid that he might not wake up again.

“Don’t worry, my daddy and Uncle Three will catch the bad guy!” Ying Bao said while grabbing Huangpu Xuanye’s hands. “They will punish him for you!”

“Okay.” Huangpu Xuanye nodded with a smile.

While they were talking, Jing Xi came into the room and noticed that Huangpu Xuanye was awake.

“Xuanye, you’ll have to stay here for a few days,” Jing Xi said. “We plan to keep this from your father until you’re fully healed. Is that okay?”

Huangpu Xuanye thought about it and nodded. He did not want to worry his father, plus he could stay a little longer in Estan with Ying Bao. It was a win-win for him.

“Take some rest, you need it. Let us know if you need anything. I’ll take Ying Bao back with me first.”

“Can I get to see her again?”

“Of course. I’ll bring her over whenever she’s free.” Jing Xi smiled and turned to her daughter. “Hurry up and say goodbye.”

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