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Chapter 1410: Finally Convinced

Helian Wei had just finished helping Jing Ruyue wash her hair in the castle. They were both on the balcony while Helian Wei helped Jing Ruyue dry her hair.

He was patiently drying every part of her hair as he ran his fingers through it.

When Helian Wei noticed strands of grey hair, his heart tightened.

He knew that they couldn’t ignore the fact that they were growing old, and the time that they could spend together might come to an end soon.

He really hoped that time would progress more slowly.

“Do you want to tie it up?” Helian Wei asked after finishing drying Jing Ruyue’s hair.

Jing Ruyue pulled on her hair and looked at it.

Her hair had already reached her waist, and it was a pain to take care of it every day.

“Feng, I want to cut my hair shorter,” Jing Ruyue suddenly said.


Helian Wei did not want to remove anything from her, even her hair.

“It’s too long, and it’s a waste of time. Some people say that the longer the hair is, the more nutrients it will take to maintain it. I want to see if I can gain some weight after cutting some off.”

“Good idea. I’ll find a stylist after this, okay?”

“Why do we need a stylist? You can cut it for me.”

“But… I’m worried that it might turn out bad.”

Helian Wei had no experience in cutting hair and did not want to do it.

“Then… We’ll talk about it later,” Jing Ruyue said and extended her arms. “But can you help me cut my nails first?”

“Of course.”

Helian Wei went back into to get a pair of clippers. Jing Ruyue sat in his arms while he trimmed her nails patiently.

“Your hands are gorgeous. They’re the prettiest I’ve ever seen.”

Helian Wei could never forget how Jing Ruyue had played the violin with those beautiful hands of hers.

A lot of people had even fallen in love with her hands, so much so that there were advertisements with her hands as the main subject.

Jing Ruyue couldn’t help but smile at Helian Wei’s compliment.

No day spent with him was boring. He took excellent care of her, and it made her happy.

After trimming Jing Ruyue’s nails, Helian Wei took out a long box from behind like he was performing a magic trick.

“What’s this?”

“Open it. You’ll see.”

Jing Ruyue opened it and noticed there was a white smartphone in it.

“Oh, it’s a phone. But I don’t think I will use it…”

Jing Ruyue had been sleeping for more than 10 years and could not catch up with the current technology.

Which was why Helian Wei gave her the phone: to help her back on track.

“I’ll teach you. You can talk and see our daughter and granddaughter every day.”

And that convinced Jing Ruyue to give it a try.

“I’ve saved the contacts of everyone you know here. You can call them whenever you want,” Helian Wei said as he brought up the contacts list on the screen.

Jing Ruyue scrolled through the list and noticed that the contacts of her daughter, son-in-law, brother,

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