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Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi decided to hold a lunch gathering at the Yunjing Manor. They even invited Ye Xun, Huo Sanyan, and Ni Xuelin over.

It wasn’t until 11 p.m. that Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan showed up at Huo Yunshen’s doorstep.

Jing Xi noticed that Ni Xuelin wasn’t with them.

“Where’s Xuelin?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“She found a new job and moved elsewhere. She said she’s not coming since it’s far away,” Ye Xun explained.

Jing Xi instantly realized that Ni Xuelin had moved out of Ye Xun’s place intentionally so that Ye Xun had the chance to be alone with Huo Sanyan.

“Looks like I have to move somewhere else too,” Huo Sanyan suddenly said.

“What’s wrong with staying at my place?” Ye Xun asked.

He held Huo Sanyan’s hand anxiously when he heard that she wanted to move out too.

“What’s good about staying there? I have to live with a bad person like you!”

Huo Sanyan pulled her hand back while sticking her tongue out.

To Huo Sanyan, living with Ye Xun meant sacrificing her freedom. She felt as if she was a prisoner.

When Ye Xun heard Huo Sanyan’s comment about him, he felt like he had been stabbed in the heart by a knife.

Huo Sanyan was always thinking about how to get away from Ye Xun’s side, while Ye Xun kept thinking about how to keep her by his side.

Jing Xi tried to hold her laughter back as she watched them argue, only as different roles. She couldn’t help but laugh at Ye Xun for treating Huo Sanyan the same way Huo Sanyan had treated him in the past.

They began to chat until tea time. Huo Erqi and Gu Yi left while Huo Sanyan decided to stay at the manor, saying that she wanted to learn some recipes from Jing Xi.

Since Huo Sanyan did not want to leave, Ye Xun could only stay at the manor too. He played with Ying Bao for the whole evening.

They even had dinner at the manor before Ye Xun decided to go back.

“I’m staying here with my niece today!” Huo Sanyan said, not wanting to go back with Ye Xun.

Since Ye Xun could not persuade Huo Sanyan, he turned to Ying Bao and said, “Can I sleep with you too?”

Ying Bao looked at the two adults with a disdainful look.

“Can’t you two sleep alone? Aren’t both of you adults?” Ying Bao scolded.


Both of the adults were speechless at Ying Bao’s comment.

“You should go back with Ye Xun,” Jing Xi said to Huo Sanyan. “I have an important guest here, so I can’t let you stay today.”

Ye Xun was glad to hear what Jing Xi said. He was sticking his thumb up in his head to Jing Xi for looking out for him.

“Come on, Yanyan, let’s go,” Ye Xun said and dragged Huo Sanyan out of Yunjing Manor.

Huo Sanyan was not happy about it. She thought of herself as a successful and powerful woman; there was no way she would submit to Ye Xun.

She knew that she had to think of a way to run away.

“Mr. Ye, since it’s still early, why don’t we go watch a movie?” Huo Sanyan asked with a gentle tone.

Ye Xun’s eyes widened as he cele

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