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Chapter 1389: He Was Not Worthy!

Being provoked by Huo Eryi finally made Gu Yici realize that he might still be straight.

“Haha, don’t tell me you are still a virgin!”

Huo Erqi rocked with laughter, especially when seeing Gu Yici blush. So she was right about it.

“My apologies. I shouldn’t have made fun of you. I didn’t mean it. I hope you won’t mind.”

Huo Erqi then hurried to apologize. Gu Yici shook his head. “No worries. It’s good you are having fun. That’s worth it. You should smile more often, you know? You look so charming when you smile.”

Gu Yici raised his head to look at Huo Erqi while she happened to be looking at him. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long while.

Until Gu Yici turned away and handed her the peeled apple. “Here you go.”


“You will be discharged tomorrow. Are you going back to Fstan?”

“I’ll only go back to settle some things. Yunshen asked me to move to Estan and I’m thinking about it.”

Huo Erqi had lived in Fstan for twenty years. There were so many memories of her and Boris. She would never be able to stay there again.

After what had happened, she decided that she would sell her property in Fstan and relocate the headquarters of The Blue Gemstone.

Her brother was asking her to move to Estan. Their family was all here. So she was seriously considering that.

“So where are you moving to tomorrow?”

“Not sure. I might go to Yunshen’s place. But I don’t want to bother them too much. Perhaps I’ll have a rental agent find me a condo to settle down in for a while.”

“If you trust me, I can provide you a place to live, until you figure out some further plans.”

“How can I bother you so much?” Huo Erqi felt that she had received too much help from Gu Yici.

“No trouble at all. You saved my life. I have to pay back your kindness,” Gu Yici replied seriously. He never mentioned paying her back with money because he wanted to use it as an excuse to keep hanging out with her.

“It’s merely 200 bucks. Never mind.”

“It might mean nothing to you. But for me, that was a life-savor. You saved me. People always say a little help brings much return. I owe you. If you won’t let me help, I’ll never find my peace again.”

Hearing his series of excuses, Huo Erqi laughed and agreed, “Fine, fine. I’ll take it.”


Gu Yici was so excited to win a first round.

Huo Sanyan rushed to the hospital as soon as she heard about Huo Erqi’s story from Jing Xi.

“No Way! I’m teaching him a good lesson! I’ll beat the crap out of him! Otherwise I don’t deserve the family name Huo!”

Seeing her second sister in the hospital and hearing about Boris’ betrayal, Huo Sanyan was immediately enraged and about to seek revenge on the bastard.

She had called him brother-in-law for so many years. How could he have done that to her sister?

“That’s enough. Yunshen already punished him for me. You take it easy.”

Huo Erqi knew her sister well.

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