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Chapter 1420: Danger For Her

“You know, the kind of drugs that can make a person go crazy. Do you think she would hug you like this with her personality?” Ye Xun explained.


Jun Yan knew that Ouyang Feifei was a proud lady, and there was no way that she would be so out of her mind.

Ye Xun’s explanation could be the only reason.

“Then what should we do now? Can’t you think of something?”

It was Jun Yan’s first time encountering such a troubling situation. He tried to keep Ouyang Feifei’s hands locked.

“What can I do? You’re the only one who can help her.”

Jun Yan knew what Ye Xun meant and did not want to comply.

“There’s no other option?”

“If you don’t want to, we can find another man to help her.”


There was no way Jun Yan would give Ouyang Feifei to another weird man after saving her from one.

He’d already realized that the condition of the lady in his arms was getting worse. Her breathing became faster, as if she was suffocating.

Ouyang Feifei frowned as if she was in pain.

Jun Yan noticed that a lot of red spots were starting to appear on her pale skin.

“Ye Xun, I think she’s also allergic to alcohol! Look at her neck!”

“Then we should go to the hospital,” Ye Xun said, unable to see the red spots from the rearview mirror.

Ye Xun made a quick U-turn and drove straight to the military hospital.

Jun Yan could go in and out of the hospital freely as the General, and they quickly found a doctor for Ouyang Feifei.

Examination showed that Ouyang Feifei was under the effect of a type of love drug, but she was showing symptoms of being intoxicated by alcohol.

Most people would not have problems when mixing those two symptoms together, but Ouyang Feifei was another matter. It was a danger to her life.

Ouyang Feifei was burdened with a very complex heart problem. She had to keep herself calm and steady all the time. But the after-effects from the drug and alcohol made her heart beat faster and shocked her into a heart attack.

It would be life-threatening if Ouyang Feifei did not get treated immediately.

The doctors managed to save Ouyang Feifei after proceeding with gastric lavage.

While Ye Xun went to take care of Ouyang Feifei’s hospital admission, Jun Yan stayed in the room with her.

He looked at the lady who was lying on the bed. Her face was as pale as a ghost. Jun Yan could not imagine how much he would blame himself if Ouyang Feifei were to die because of his ignorance.

They were lucky that Ye Xun had noticed her at the bar and persuaded Jun Yan to go take a look at her.

All that Jun Yan could do at that moment was wait for Ouyang Feifei to wake up.

While he was waiting, he wondered why Ouyang Feifei would take in such a massive amount of alcohol if she knew that she was allergic to it.

He wondered why she would still go and meet with the middle-aged man.

Ouyang Feifei finally woke up at around 9 in the morning. The

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