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Chapter 1407: His Biggest Wish

They’ve taken a corpse from the morgue and disguised him as Huangpu Xuanye while using fake data on the ECG.

The screen was manipulated to show a straight line after the assassin shot the corpse, tricking him into thinking that he had succeeded.

Even though Huangpu Xuanye was out of danger, Helian Qingyu had gotten word from the Northern Kingdom that the emperor had passed. The queen had also announced that she would take the position of the ruler in one month.

It wasn’t hard to see that it was all a conspiracy to take the throne.

Helian Qingyu told Huangpu Xuanye the current condition of his country.

“Xuanye, I’m sorry to tell you this, but your father passed away yesterday.”

“What? How is this possible?”

Huangpu Xuanye raised his head and looked at Helian Qingyu in disbelief.

He would not want to believe that his father, who was still healthy when he left, would just leave the living world.

“The truth might come as a surprise to you, but your father told me that his body was actually reaching its limit. His biggest worry was you. He was worried that you couldn’t handle the pressure from governing a country.”

Helian Qingyu told Huangpu Xuanye everything he knew. He wanted to let the teen know that his father had always believed in him, but he was also worried about him.

Huangpu Xuanye never wanted to be the next in line to the throne. All he ever wished for was to become a civilian.

That was why he’d remained ignorant of everything. He even hoped that he could leave the Northern Kingdom and never return.

All because he held hatred in his heart, and contempt towards his father for remarrying his stepmother. But now that his father had passed away, all that hatred turned into heartbreak.

He lowered his head and could not say anything.

“Now’s not the time for you to feel down. It’s time for you to make a choice,” Helian Qingyu said as he patted Huangpu Xuanye on his shoulder. “Do you want to live in Estan as a nobody forever? Or do you want to go back and protect your bloodline? Your legacy?”

Huangpu Xuanye did not reply, and Helian Qingyu continued.

“You should also know that your stepmother has announced that she will take the throne in one month. Do you really want to watch your country fall? Have you ever thought about why you were targeted? Don’t you think that it was not a coincidence that you got attacked and your father passed away at the same time?”

Huangpu Xuanye remained silent for a very long time.

“Brother Qingyu, I want to go back to attend my father’s funeral,” Huangpu Xuanye finally opened his mouth and said.

He had decided to not run away anymore. He was his father’s only son, the sole heir to the throne.

If he ran away and hid in Estan, others would definitely laugh at him.

He had hated politics in the past, but now he had to face them as that had been his responsibility from the beginning.

Helian Qingyu

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