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Chapter 1386: Eyes Wide Open

“If I see you anywhere near him or hear anything about you being close to him, I’ll kill you!” Wen Ke’er warned. “Don’t forget that your mother and brother are still in Yun City! I can have them killed whenever I want to!”

“Don’t bring them into this!”

Wen Ke’er had gotten hold of Qiao Ruoyi’s weakness, which was why Qiao Ruoyi could only put up with Wen Ke’er’s threats.

“What can you do?”

Wen Ke’er raised her hand to slap Qiao Ruoyi, but her hand was caught on its way down.

Wen Ke’er turned and saw that it was a pretty lady who had stopped her. Wen Ke’er thought that the lady looked familiar but couldn’t remember who she was.

“Jing Xi!” Qiao Ruoyi let out a sigh of relief.

When Wen Ke’er heard Jing Xi’s name, she instantly realized who she was.

The pretty lady was the latest recipient of the Golden Goose Best Actress Award.

“What are you doing?” Wen Ke’er scolded when she could not free her hand from Jing Xi’s grip.

“That’s my question! What are you trying to do to Ruoyi?” Jing Xi smiled angrily.

“It’s none of your business!”

“Ruoyi’s my friend, and when you tried to hit her, you made it my business!” Jing Xi scolded.

Wen Ke’er felt an intense pain coming from the top of her head right after that. Jing Xi pulled Wen Ke’er by her hair and dragged her across the floor.

Jing XI threw Wen Ke’er to one side and started to throw punches at her. Wen Ke’er cried from the beating and fell unconscious after that.

Qiao Ruoyi could only stand by the side and watch everything with her eyes wide open.

“Are you getting bullied like this all the time?” Jing Xi asked.


Qiao Ruoyi did not know how to answer Jing Xi’s question. She knew that she was a weak person and would lose every argument.

“Let me teach you one thing: never give in to people like her. If she’s coming for you, don’t back off, but take her head on instead,” Jing Xi said as she turned Wen Ke’er around so that she was facing the ceiling. Jing Xi then took off Wen Ke’er’s clothes and took a few photos of her naked.

Jing Xi sent those photos to Qiao Ruoyi after they’d left the bathroom.

“Use them to protect yourself and your family,” Jing Xi said.

Qiao Ruoyi finally understood why Jing Xi had taken those photos. It was so that Qiao Ruoyi could prevent similar things from happening again.

“Thank you so much…”

“You don’t have to thank me.”

“But your babies… Are you okay?”

“Of course I’m… Ouch!”

Jing Xi cried in pain before she could even finish her sentence.

“Are you all right?”

Qiao Ruoyi was worried to death. She was scared that Jing XI might have been injured from the fight.

“I’m fine. I’m fine…” Jing Xi said and rested for a while. “See. All fine! Let’s go, my hubby is waiting for me outside.”

But before they could leave the institute, someone grabbed Qiao Ruoyi by her wrist. QIao Ruoyi turned and realized it was the person that she did n

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