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Chapter 1412: Be In Love Once Again

“I don’t think we old people should do this.” Jing Ruyue laughed at Helian Wei for following the youngster’s trend.

“So what if we are older than them? We can still live like we are 18 years old and be in love once again. Then I can repay you all the time we’ve lost.”

Helian Wei felt like he was 18 years old once again ever since he started living with Jing Ruyue. The power of love made him energetic yet again.

“All right, I’ll play with you then.”

Both of them left the castle for a walk in the rose garden. Helian Wei plucked a rose and put it behind Jing Ruyue’s ear.

“Pretty. You’re beautiful.”

They then noticed a car coming from outside, and Jing Ruyue recognized it.

“That’s Yunshen’s car, right?”

“Yup, looks like it.”

They waited for the car to stop near them. Ying Bao was the first to jump out of the vehicle.

“Grandpa! Grandma!” Ying Bao shouted.

“There’s my little granddaughter.”

Jing Ruyue smiled as she bent down to hug Ying Bao.

Ying Bao ran into her grandmother’s arms and kissed her on the cheeks.

She noticed the rose behind Jing Ruyue’s ear and complimented, “Grandma is both pretty and fragrant today!”

“What a sweet mouth.” Jing Ruyue smiled as she touched the little girl’s nose.

Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen got down from the car.

“Are you two talking a walk?”

“Yes. The weather’s perfect today. I have to exercise as much as I can,” Jing Ruyue explained.

Jing Xi realized that her mother had gotten better, both physically and mentally. She even noticed that Jing Ruyue had gained some weight.

Huo Yunshen also came to greet the old couple. Helian Wei noticed that Huo Yunshen was carrying a cage with three puppies in it.

“You bought a few puppies?”

“Yup. They are for Ying Bao.”

“They are my new friends!” Ying Bao smiled.

“But we might have to trouble the both of you to take care of them until Jing Xi gives birth,” Huo Yunshen explained.

“Sure, why not? This place is huge anyways, and the air is good too,” Helian Wei said. “Come on, Ying Bao, do you want me to give you a piggyback ride?”


Helian Wei bent down, and Ying Bao jumped onto his back.

“Let’s go!”


“Mum, let’s go too,” Jing Xi said as she pulled Jing Ruyue towards the castle while Huo Yunshen followed them with the cage in his hand.

“How’s antenatal care?” Jing Ruyue asked.

“Everything is going smoothly. Don’t worry.”

“Okay. I can’t wait to meet them! I’ve even made some clothes for them. I’ll show them to you later.”

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