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Chapter 1399: Making A Big Fuss About It

Huo Yunshen patted his daughter on her head while Ying Bao cuddled his leg and asked, “Daddy, Uncle Prince bled a lot. We have to catch the bad guys who shot him!”

“Sure. Daddy will definitely get them so that they won’t do any further harm.”

“Yes, and spank them hard!”

“Right, spank them hard.”

Seeing that his wife and daughter were both fine, Huo Yunshen felt relieved and asked Helian Qingyu, “Do you have any idea who did this?”

Helian Qingyu shook his head. “Still under investigation.”

“It seems they came after you again. But Huangpu Xuanye was an innocent victim. You need to be more careful from now on.”

Huo Yunshen patted Helian Qingyu on the shoulder as he spoke.

“Sure. I’ll maximize the precautions. I was not careful enough today.”

Helian Qingyu knew that as a state leader, he could be the target of assassination any time. He took the responsibility as well as the risk.

Ever since he’d succeeded presidency, he had gotten ready to face it.

“What did they say about it?” Helian Qingyu asked.

“We had the major media outlets silenced. But there are minor publications who already covered the story.”

“I’m very worried about Huangpu Xuanye. He was wounded in our country. How should I tell the King of the Northland?”

Helian Qingyu found it to be a difficult case to handle.

“Right now, we can only wait for him to recover. Then you need to escort him back to the Northland yourself so that you can explain it in person to the King and stop further misunderstandings,” Huo Yunshen suggested.

“Right. I see. I hope they won’t hear about it in the Northland too soon.”

However, Helian Qingyu was definitely going to be disappointed. How could the person behind this not be making a big fuss?

In the Northland.

Yun Xuerou showed up in the royal castle and met with the queen in the garden.

“Sister, I brought you some good news.”

“What is it?”

“Take a look.” Lady White Tea handed the newspaper from Estan to Lan Qiwei.

Lan Qiwei read the headline about the Prince of the Northland being assaulted in Estan and was surprised. “Seriously? Huangpu Xuanye was attacked?”

“Of course.”

“Is he dead?” Lan Qiwei asked.

“Does it even matter if he is dead or not? Under the current circumstances, sister, it’s your time now.”

Yun Xuerou had planned it well. Now the first step had already been taken.

She had wanted the assassin to kill Helian Qingyu, Jing Xi and Huangpu Xuanye all together.

Sadly they had missed the other two and only shot Huangpu Xuanye.

But it was not harming her big plan.

“According to your plan what should I do next?”

Lan Qiwei knew that her sister was very resourceful. She used to get rid of all the obstacles and had married the president of Estan. It proved how sophisticated and scheming she was.

“Sister, now Huangpu Xuanye is still alive. So he is your biggest stumbling block.

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