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Chapter 1404: His Last Valuable

Jing Xi pulled her daughter downstairs and went to look for Mo Yutian.

“Tell me, the blood on her skirt is yours, isn’t it? What are you planning? You’re just putting on an act, right?” Jing Xi asked coldly.

Mo Yutian did not answer because he knew Jing Xi was smart — smarter than he could ever imagine.

All he could do was continue to put on an act.

Luckily Su Wanqin came over to explain everything to Jing Xi.

“I think the blood is definitely his. He was playing with a knife yesterday and cut his finger. Look.”

Su Wanqin pulled Mo Yutian’s up and showed it to Jing Xi.

Jing Xi checked and noticed a cut on Mo Yutian’s finger, which was still bleeding.

But it was as if Mo Yutian did not know what pain was. He used his bleeding finger to draw on his shirt.

Jing Xi realized that she was overthinking it.

The blood had accidentally gotten on Ying Bao’s skirt when they were playing.

After realizing her mistake, Jing Xi did not comment any further. Instead, she went into her house and came back out with a band-aid.

Su Wanqin took the band-aid and applied it to Mo Yutian’s finger.

“Xiao’er, hurry up and thank your sister-in-law,” Su Wanqin said.

Mo Yutian looked at Jing Xi and nodded, but followed by shaking his head.

Mo Yutian was touched deeply.

A small band-aid from Jing Xi almost made him cry with joy.

He really wanted to thank Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi for allowing him to live the life he had.

He also wanted to thank the little girl for accepting him even though he had tried to hurt her once.

Those were feelings that he’d never had in the past.

He finally realized that he had something that he wanted to protect, and that was his family.

To him, that was the only valuable he had left.

The king of the Northern Kingdom, Huangpu Heng, was lying in the hospital when Lan Qiwei came to visit.

She let her followers wait outside the room while she went in herself.

Huangpu Heng lay on the bed, his face as pale as a ghost. He was asleep until Lan Qiwer stopped next to him and called to him.


Huangpu Heng opened his eyes.


“You’re finally awake… I’m here…,” Lan Qiwei said. “Even though Xuanye is gone, you can’t give up yet, you hear me? This country cannot lose you. I’ll help you maintain the country while you recover, okay?”

“Thank you…”

Huangpu Heng still believed that his wife was nice to him and did not suspect anything.

“Here, I’ve brought some congee for you.”

Huangpu Heng nodded and got up. He finished a bowl of the congee before lying back down.

“Husband, I really want to help you, but a lot of the ministers aren’t listening to what I’m saying,” Lan Qiwei said. “Perhaps… If you could give me the power to lead them, maybe I could do things more easily…”

“What do you mean?”

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