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Chapter 1422: Out Of His Reach

Ye Xun noticed that Jun Yan was not going to reply, and he continued.

“That man is a famous businessman in Estan. But he’s also known for being a player. Rumor has it that he has a ton of girlfriends. Do you think Miss Ouyang would find happiness if she were married to him?”


It was as if Ye Xun’s words finally made an impact as Jun Yan’s heart skipped a beat.

Even though Jun Yan suspected that Ouyang Feifei would not be able to obtain happiness by marrying Mo Beichen, that was her own choice, and he had no say in it.

And even if Ouyang Feifei were not to marry Mo Beichen, Jun Yan could not promise her happiness. It was out of his reach.

Because Jun Yan was about to be engaged like Ouyang Feifei.

To them, the families’ honor was more important than their own happiness.

“This is not something that we should be worried about,” Jun Yan sighed. “By the way, shouldn’t you be more worried about your girlfriend?”

“Hey! Don’t try to change the subject! Then what about you? Are you really going to get engaged to Lin Xiangya?”

Jun Yan did not reply to Ye Xun’s question and closed the car door.

Ye Xun sighed and followed him into the car.

Ouyang Qing was asking Ouyang Feifei about the incident in her room.

“Feifei, what did Beichen want from you yesterday?”

“He just wanted to talk about the engagement, that’s all.”

“See, I told you! That guy is quite the reliable kid,” Ren Meixin said. “We have been friends with his parents for a long time, and we know how good they are. Their son would not fall far from the tree.”

“But I’m still worried that he won’t treat Feifei well…”

Ouyang Qing always stood by his daughter’s side. He would always listen to what his daughter wanted. But Ouyang Feifei was the one who had agreed to the engagement.

“That won’t happen. Aren’t we the same as them too? We’d never even met each other once before the engagement. Look how well we turned out! Don’t forget that you also had the rumors of having a lot of mistresses too.”

“Those were just scandals!” Ouyang Qing scolded.

“That’s my point. Being a player was just Mo Beichen’s act, he’s doing it for the public and nothing else. I believe that he will love our Feifei like we do.”

Ren Meixin really liked Mo Beichen and was stern about having her daughter marry him.

There was no way Ouyang Qing could argue with Ren Meixin’s reason, but he always thought that his daughter was much more suited to Jun Yan.

He believed that Jun Yan was a better man than Mo Beichen.

Jun Yan returned back to the base after leaving the hospital.

After separating with Jun Yan, Ye Xun decided to go and look for Huo Sanyan.

After making a few calls, Ye Xun learned that Huo Sanyan was having dinner at Jing Xi’s place. After hanging up the call, he drove straight to Yunjing Manor.

He was just in time for dinner.

“It’s always better to be right on time than earli

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