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Chapter 1396: Leaving Soon

“Hey, big bro, where’s Ruochu?” Jing Xi asked when she met up with Helian Qingyu.

“I can’t find her. She’s hiding from me,” Helian Qingyu said as he shook his head.

Helian QIngyu could still clearly remember Li Ruochu’s face when she had been standing on the other side of the crossroad.

“We can’t do anything then. You should take it slow. Find another time to look for her,” Jing Xi comforted.

“I know. I’m here to take Xuanye back. I feel bad for leaving him in your care for so many days.”

“We don’t mind it. Ying Bao was happy that she had someone to play with her every day.”

Helian Qingyu stayed for lunch and was ready to bring Huangpu Xuanye back after that.

Even though Huangpu Xuanye wasn’t really happy about leaving, he knew that he shouldn’t overstay his welcome.

Ying Bao was sad when she heard that her Uncle Prince was leaving.

“Why does Uncle Prince have to go back? Can’t he stay here forever?” Ying Bao asked.

“Hey, cheer up. How about we go to his home with him?” Jing XI asked.

“Can we?”

“Big bro, when are you taking Xuanye back?” Jing Xi turned to Helian Qingyu and asked. “Can you bring us with you? We can take that chance to visit the Nothern Kingdom too.”

“Sure thing. I’ll have my people prepare for the trip.”

Jing Xi was glad that Helian Qingyu went through with her plan. With that, she had the chance to visit the Nothern Kingdom and find out who Lady White Camellia was.

“Xuanye, do you have any place you want to visit?” Helian Qingyu asked.

“We want to go to Disneyland!” Ying Bao helped Huangpu Xuanye answer.

“Disneyland, huh? No problem! I’ll get us some tickets,” Helian Qingyu said.

Since Helian Qingyu had just returned from his visit to other countries, he could take the chance to get some rest and play with the kids.

All four of them went to Disneyland after that.

With Jing Xi’s disguise on him, no one could recognize their President at the theme park.

Huo Yunshen drove them to the park while he went to take care of some matters after that.

The theme park was crowded, and there were a lot of themes for them to enjoy.

Ying Bao pulled her mother’s hand with one hand and Huangpu Xuanye’s hand with the other one.

She noticed the carousel and tugged her mother, excitedly.

“Mommy! Can we go on that?” Ying Bao asked as she pointed at the carousel.

“Okay. Come on, let’s go get in the line.”

Jing Xi went to the carousel with Ying Bao, leaving Helian Qingyu with Huangpu Xuanye.

“Do you have anything you want to do?” Helian Qingyu asked.

Huangpu Xuanye shook his head and pointed at Ying Bao. He walked towards the little girl.

No park was more attracting than the little girl to him. Huangpu Xuanye was there to accompany her.

They were about to separate, and he wished to spend more time with her.

“All right, let’s go find them.”

They waited for Ying Bao to take her turn and started

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