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Chapter 1388: Gay

Huo Yunshen frowned when he thought he heard that Jing Xi went out fighting again.

“What? No… nothing…”

Jing Xi realized that she should not have spoken and became anxious.

“Come here! You better tell me everything!”

Huo Yunshen pulled Jing Xi out of the room.

“It really is nothing. I beat a girl, that’s all. It was a one-sided beating.”

“Jing Xi! Do you even know what you did?”

There was no way Huo Yunshen was letting Jing Xi off easily after he learned about the fight.

Huo Erqi felt happy when she saw her brother and Jing Xi remaining so close, but it almost made her feel lonely.

She thought of herself as the worst amongst the sisters.

She was the first to get married, but only to lose everything in the end.

Even though Huo Yijing had gone through the same thing as her, at least Huo Yijing still had her son.

There was nothing left for Huo Erqi.

The nurses in the hospital realized that their doctor, Gu Yici, would always visit Huo Erqi’s room whenever he was free.

Gu Yici would not work overtime like he always used to and would instead visit Huo Erqi.

After a few days in the hospital, Huo Erqi was cleared to be discharged.

Gu Yici visited Huo Erqi again after his shift. He had changed into a navy blue suit that made him look extra handsome.

He even pulled his hair back.

“Are you going on a blind date today?” Huo Erqi couldn’t help but ask when Gu Yici came into her room.

She had already heard from Gu Yici that his parents were forcing him to participate in a lot of blind dates.

“Yes. It’s making me crazy!”

Even though Gu Yici had already told his parents that he was gay, they would still keep introducing women to him.

He did have a blind date set up that day, but he did not feel like going.

He sat down next to Huo Erqi and talked with her. He asked whether she wanted to have some fruit. Huo Erqi nodded, and Gu Yici started to peel the apples for her.

“I’ve heard that you like men?” Huo Erqi asked. She had heard a lot about Gu Yici from Huo Yunshen when she was in the hospital.

Huo Erqi was a little down when she heard about Gu Yici being gay since she thought highly of him.

Gu Yici almost choked on his cough when he heard Huo Erqi bringing the topic up.

Even though the fact that he was gay was not a secret, he had no idea why he felt embarrassed by Huo Erqi’s question.

“Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, though,” Huo Erqi continued to say.


“Do you have a boyfriend?” Huo Erqi asked without holding back, since they’d gotten close.

“No, never had one.”

Ever since Gu Yici had been hurt in his previous relationship, he made himself believe that he liked men more than women.

But he never dated any men.

Which meant that he was never fully gay.

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