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Chapter 1393: Some New Clue

Huo Erqi and Gu Yici both noticed Huangpu Xuanye so she asked, “Who is this honored guest? I guess he is not from Estan.”

“Right. He’s from the Northland. Huangpu Xuanye, Prince of the Northland.”

Gu Yici was shocked after Jing Xi’s introduction. “Oh My! What a wonderful place you have! And look at what kind of guests you host here! There have been two presidents and now here comes a prince. If you ever want to move out, do let me know and I’ll definitely buy it.”


They were all amused by Gu Yici’s comments.

Thinking of the Northland, Huo Erqi recalled, “I know the Northland. The King of the Northland used my design for their wedding jewelry, and I was there. I’ll show you the pictures.”

Jing Xi had never been to the Northland and waited curiously for Huo Erqi to show the pictures on her phone.

Huo Erqi looked into her jewelry album, pulled out the pictures for the Northland King’s wedding and showed them one by one.

Jing Xi found that the King of Northland in the pictures looked no different from the one she’d seen on TV. He was definitely aging but still awe-inspiring.

She could tell from the pictures that Huangpu Xuanye did look like his father.

Seeing them one by one Jing Xi was stunned by the Queen’s wedding dress. “Wow, that was a gorgeous dress! And it went perfectly with the jewelry you designed.”

“Look at the necklace. I designed it. Same with the diamond crown.”

Huo Erqi felt proud when talking about her design.

“Brilliant! Extremely gorgeous!”

Jing Xi noticed from the pictures that the Queen of Northland always wore a veil. Without seeing her face it made her seem more mysterious.

“Was this their wedding ring? Did you design it too?”

Jing Xi saw on one of the pictures that the Queen was wearing a diamond ring.

Huo Erqi zoomed in and took a closer look. “Oh, that was not me. It was her own. I found it charming too. I did ask and she said it was designed by Diruiling. The name was Hera’s Tear. Very unique. It’s one of its kind with the tear-shape and design.”


Seeing this, Jing Xi suddenly recalled that Lady White Tea had ordered a ring called Hera’s Tear from Diruiling. Could that Lady White Tea she had been searching for happen to be the mythical Queen of the Northland?

She was slightly excited about uncovering a new clue. “Second sister, do you have a picture of this Queen? What did she look like?”

“No. I never saw her face. She always wore that veil. Barely anyone has seen her face. I wondered if she was Muslim, and if that was why she had to wear a veil.”

Since Huo Erqi had never seen her face either, Jing Xi had to try another approach. “Can you send me this picture? It’s so beautiful and I want to keep it as a reference.”

Huo Erqi had no doubt and said, “No prob. I’ll send it to you.”

They had followed each other on InstantChat so Huo Erqi sent it to Jing Xi directly.

Having gotten the pic

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